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What’s better than one stack of cash?

2 stacks.

Even better yet – how ’bout 5?

That’s basically the premise for creating more revenue streams.

If one stack of cash dries up – there are 4 more to take care of you while you’re creating more and more avenues to earn.

This is smart.

It’s the way to recession-proof your biz.

This is more suited for Merch Artists

If you’re not sure if you’re a Merch Artists – take a look at this post.

Jason selling prints and his book at NYCC.

Jason selling prints and his book at NYCC.

This probably isn’t as suitable for someone who’s dedicated to a strictly gallery market and wants to sell only original works.

BUT – just because you’re a gallery artist or want to show in galleries, doesn’t mean that the merch avenue is closed to you. There is a lot of overlap of the different areas of art these days… especially since gallorists are less likely to take on an unknown who doesn’t already have a significant following on social media and other commercial platforms.

Make your biz beefy. Add more revenue streams.


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