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Welcome to our Free Watercolour Lessons!

Get started painting today – with simple, easy, step by step videos that cover all the foundation skills needed to paint beautiful watercolours in the comfort and convenience of your home – for free!!

Learn and paint at your own pace.

Learn about materials and tricks on transferring images. Use my line drawings – or use your own pictures. Learning watercolour skills allows you to become good at painting whatever you want to paint.

You’re never limited to… the skills apply to painting in a variety of ways.

Get started to day!


Line Drawings Download

Click to “download and save as”.

You can totally look for your own images on line or amongst your own pictures. These are to help if you’re stuck on an image and just want to move forward with the skill-learning.



These 2 videos are available on YouTube:

The following videos are for registered members.

I cover the 5 foundation skills in Watercolour:

Each skill set will be used to finish a piece of art that will take between an hour to 3 hours to complete.

The skills will build upon one another and each skill learned previously will be be used in the current video to quickly increase painting talents.

Subject matter has been chosen to aid in the suitability of the skill set being learned and the assumption that the student is a relative newcomer to watercolour.

Watercolour Materials


Click to open.

Click to open.

This is one of the videos published on YouTube that I wanted to include in the collection here.

You can also download your own copy of the watercolour materials list comparison.Click the image. Or here to download your own copy.

Watch the video for a long talky about the difference between Student and Artist Quality materials and what I recommend.

There’s no reason to spend a lot of money to get started painting.

When you get hankering for really good materials – ask for gift cards for birthdays and the holidays. Trust me – your loved ones will LOVE that you have a hobby.


Activating Watercolour

This is a video for the absolute beginner who’d like a better way of “activating” tube colour with enough water to get it ready for painting.



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