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with Derek Wicks' Expert Interview


Derek covers everything you need to know to start licensing your art.

You, just have to make the art… and buy this class.

rp_DerekWicksBookDisc1-300x271.jpgI’ve known Derek for about 15 years.

Of all the professional artists I know (and I know a LOT), Derek is at the top of my list for business advice. When Derek speaks, I shut up and listen because he knows what he’s talking about.

Derek has been licensing his wildlife and landscape art since 1998.

He’s been through a lot of technological and financial changes in the art licensing business and has remained flexible and successful.

This recording allows you to benefit from all Derek’s experience. His expertise becomes your expertise, because he held nothing back in this interview.

Derek shares his insight from inside the original art and art licensing markets and shows you how it all works together to make a stronger business model.

©Derek Wicks, Winter Barn

©Derek Wicks, Winter Barn


Why Struggle? Do what works.

Derek covers everything you need to know to start licensing your art.

You, just have to make the art.

Why waste your time trying to piece together the big picture of art licensing from free blogs and ebooks on the internet when you can sit down and listen to Derek talk for an hour and know exactly what you have to do?

You’re busy making art. You’re busy living your busy life.

You don’t need another chore.

What you need are answers to growing your art business.

Learn from someone who’s been in the biz for almost 20 years and knows what’s required to be successful now.

©Derek Wicks, North Shore

©Derek Wicks, North Shore


Derek covers:

  • How to know you’re ready for licensing and the differences between licensing & reproduction deals.
  • How collectors are responding to reproductions today and how you can make this shift work for your biz. (This actually surprised me…)
  • The benefits of an agent vs. a publisher (and what the difference is between them).
    • How to tell if an agent is reputable.
    • Red flags on agents, publishers and contracts
    • Understanding contracts
  • How to find publishers and agents.
  • How to make work more suitable for licensing.
    • Advice about how to balance licensing and fine art.
  • Benefits of gallery representation. (we went all over the place in this call
  • Pricing strategies for reproductions
    • Math formulas for pricing. WE DID MATH.
  • Support and encouragement:
    • mindset & attitudes
    • the upside to the recession (seriously – this is important to know)
    • how to network
    • how to deal with rejection
  • LOTS of resources for where to go to get licensing contracts – especially for wildlife and landscape painters of all styles!
    • American & Canadian locations
    • bonus PDF download of all resources and web links

    It was pretty extensive. Over the 90 minutes we covered a lot of ground and the ladies on the call had some really good and pointed questions.

    Derek really earned his keep on this one. 😀


You don’t have to get burned.

derek-bio-178x300Derek got burned, so you don’t have to.

Derek got burned a few times in licensing – but his experience taught him how to walk the world of licensing with a good dollop of common sense and the ability to pick out who’s serious and who’s ready to take you for a ride.

Derek’s trials by fire become your wisdom.

He know what works – he’s seen it and done it himself, and isn’t afraid to give us the hard answers on what will and what won’t work in the art licensing industry.

Derek doesn’t mince words – he’ll give it to you straight so you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

©Derek Wicks

©Derek Wicks, Twilight Encounter


1898738_235894603280356_1536129206_oI wanted to say thank you, again– I’m a youngish artist venturing into business for the first time, got all the “other” worldly experience and big ideas but definitely lacking in the art biz info and this was so helpful and empowering. I will definitely look to your programs and refer whomever I can, hope to be in touch. What an inspiring evening!

You’re truly awesome and very inspiring, thank you!

~Jessica R.


“Big Name” Insider Stories

Derek is one of the best networkers I’ve ever met.

He’ll talk to anyone, anywhere and he’s a charming SOB, so everyone loves him.

What’s great for us is the knowledge and understanding that comes not only from his own experience, but from all his colleagues in the industry as well.

We were treated to insider stories from the likes of:

  • Robert Bateman (who Derek keeps calling “Bob”. lol!)
  • Rick Kelley
  • Persis Clayton Weirs
  • Michael Sieve
  • Lee Kromschroder and more…


Listen to a sample:

He’s been where we are, he knows what it’s like.

derek3Derek is one of the “realest” guys I know – the audio sample shows that.

What I love about Derek is his generosity of spirit – he knows what it’s like to build this art biz from scratch.

He did it.

He knows what it’s like and knows how it feels and knows what a struggle being an artist can be like for most of us.

His support and encouragement comes from a place of knowing and experience.

He’s committed the errors and can see where we are with the wisdom of 20/20 hindsight.

Derek knows the struggle an artist can go through and speaks directly to some of the more negative results of this biz – rejection, depression, not selling – and he speaks directly to these circumstances with positivity, generosity and the experience of knowing that this can be done.

You can do this.

It’s not just you – this IS hard work.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

Derek is here to show you what’s required to remain vital and successful in this industry over time.

He’s proof positive that we can go beyond survival and thrive in our art businesses.

©Derek Wicks, Creekside Sunset

©Derek Wicks, Creekside Sunset


What’s in the box:

  • 90 minute audio MP3
  • bonus 15 minute audio MP3 “After Hours” – after Derek’s call, the ladies and I continued to share resources on taxes and open source software and other items for 15 minutes.
  • PDF download of all the resources and web links discussed in the call.
  • On-going forum discussion restricted to members.

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