Get UnSTucK

When nothing else will get sh*t moving.

Do you ever have that feeling when you know that you’ve got a block to something and it’s messing with your flow?

We want to feel NOT stuck & blocked.

We want to feel like nothing is in the way.

We want to see results… but despite our best efforts, obstacles keep popping up to block our progress…

and we just can’t figure out why.


When what used to work, stops

I know all about journaling... 22 from the last 24 years.

My pile of journals.

Sometimes we can’t think it through.

Sometimes the regular process doesn’t cut it.

The journaling process, talking it out, using divination tools like Tarot and the iChing…

Sometimes… none of it works and we can’t see our way through and all we want is relief from the weight of feeling stuck.

We want to know that this thing isn’t always going to be forever in our way.

Sometimes we need a back door

"No one is going ANYWHERE but right where I tell you."

“No one is going ANYWHERE but straight ahead. Stamped it – no erasies!!”

Sometimes our logical, rational mind is not a helpful mate on our healing path.

Sometimes the logical, rational, conscious mind has dug a rut into a brick wall over and over that there is no way we can engage the rational mind and end up anywhere else than that brick wall with which we’re so familar.

It’s like setting a needle in a groove so deep that there’s no way it can jump out and play a new song.

The logical conscious mind will jump into that groove and deliver again that same tune over and over and over…

We need to get in a different way. We need to sneak in the back door.

We are not broken

We are not broken, we are infinite beings of light… But we still need to throw a cookie to our rational mind to distract it while we start moving this giant rock that’s in the way.

We have the power and ability to heal all our blocks and obstacles to… whole healing and a life of joy – we just need to be willing to learn the tools that will help and be brave enough to accept the change that will happen as a result.


Roll the rock & the river flows.


Get UnSTucK is…

The UnSTucK is 2 visualization/meditations that I learned from my healer over 20 years ago.

They are the best tools that I have at my disposal to move the sh*t that I can’t touch through my regular processes.

They are my favourite because they work every time.

I’m not saying it’s like “Ta Dah! You’re healed”… but I have a physical response and a shift in circumstance every time I use these techniques in my own growth practice.

For really heavy or or ingrained blocks, in my experience these techniques start to dismantle the blockage bit by bit. Obviously, this is a process…

Listen to the Get UnSTucK Intro:</iframe>
(Beware – there may be swears.)


Get UnSTucK is:

  • Introduction audio
  • Integration Visualization instruction audio
  • Integration Visualization Sample audio
  • Quest Meditation walthrough audio
  • Quest Meditaton Workbook


Instant download.

Instant download.

LookingUpWebWe all have the power to heal our cracks and move our blocks.

We just need the tools to make it happen and the courage to believe that our lives can be different.

Forever Free!

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