Know your Future

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Sometimes we all need direction.

Sometimes we all need a little guidance and information about just wtf is going on in our lives.
Tarot can help.
I’ve been reading Tarot (and helped make an app) since 1993 and I pull it out on the regular to help me get clear on all kinds of things that are currently fuzzy in my life… career, relationships, self-awareness.

I like to know if I’m missing something about a situation, or a person or a plan. I like to know if the cards confirm what I already think and feel or if they’re going to show me some aspect that I’ve been missing – or, more likely, not willing to see.
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“LEZley! THAT was fabulous. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to breathe in the question and adjust accordingly. Wonderful adjustment.

You mirrored back to me without too much prompting what I have been thinking and needed to focus more upon.

I could write volumes about this! YOU are very verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry good at this.



Seeing what’s hidden

The most valuable aspect of Tarot to me is the ability for me to see myself and my life from a different angle. It’s sitting on the table in the cards and I can have a moment of detachment to see what it is that I’ve been missing.

So often we are what’s getting in the way of our own progress and success. It can be hugely beneficial to have the cards tell us to get our heads out of our assholes, or focus for fuck’s sake, or stop trying to get with someone who doesn’t really want us anyway.

The cards are often the bearers of hard truths, if we’re willing to hear. They won’t necessarily give us what we want – they will always give us what we need.

Supernatural Therapy

Almost all my friends and family have asked for readings from me at one time or another. At one of my jobs, my colleagues regularly asked for me to bring my cards in to read on our break. One of my co-workers stopped getting readings because she said they freaked her out too much.

Some of us don’t like to know what’s coming.

I love reading Tarot and I haven’t been able to do it for others very often over the last few years. I had a dream recently that I was reading for people and it made me really happy and excited – so I’m doing it.

However, I hold some superstitions around reading Tarot – I believe you should always read from a deck that was gifted to you, and I don’t believe in charging for readings.

My deck was a gift and we’re going to work on a donation basis – you pay what you can for a reading.
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How this all works

Click the button below and donate whatever you can for your reading. You’ll be re-directed to the Tarot Question page which you will complete and submit so that I can do your reading.

Readings will be completed on a first come, first serve basis. I don’t expect hundreds of readings, so you should receive your reading within a couple of days of purchase.

The reading will come to you via whatever email address you add to the Tarot Question form. Readings will consist of a picture of the cards on my table and an m4a audio recording of the reading.

I will keep recordings alive in my iCloud for 1 month before I delete them, so please make sure the reading is saved somewhere safe for further use as I will not be retaining audio archives.


Hints for asking Tarot Questions

When asking questions – don’t ask “should I x, y or z” or “will x, y or z happen”.

Ask instead “What will occur if…” and then give a scenario of your question.

For example, if you’re wondering whether you should take a particular class or accept a particular business offer don’t ask:

“Should I take class X.” Or “Should I accept offer Y.”

Instead ask:

“What will result if I take class X.” Or “What will result if I accept offer Y.”

If you want to know whether you should choose between 2 options – I can choose the Either/Or reading which is a comparison reading between the 2 options.

I will determine the best spread necessary to reveal the most helpful information. You can include as much or as little background and contextual information as you feel comfortable providing.

Tarot Reading Gallery

This is a small selection of clients who have agreed to share their readings here so that you can get a feel for my way of reading and responding to your questions.

Sometimes my style isn’t a good fit – it’s good to know that up front.


“What will occur if/when I move to Queensland?”


Oh Lezley, who could want anything else but a reading like that? Thank you very much! My mom listened to it with me and said that you got who I am. I am, in fact, moving to Queensland partly as a change and reprieve with time alone, and partly to pursue goals. I also want to eventually see if my art could sell…even if that’s not mainly why I do it. I so enjoyed your reading and just listening to you! Thank you.
~ Cat




“Will OKC result in a new relationship?”



Julie I

“What will result if I tell my child about the new person in my love life?”



Julie II

“What will happen if I leave my current job?”


My Tarot reading with Lezley was extremely insightful and accurate. Lezley’s interpretation of the Tarot brought tears to my eyes and lifted a cloud of apprehension from my mind. It was an amazingly satisfying experience.
~ Julie