Make your art work harder for your biz.

The most common complaint I get from new clients is that they need more money.

Most of us aren’t very hot at traditional sales tactics. We want to sell more without feeling like a heavy handed, pushy salesperson.

We want to sell more easily and not have to feel like it’s a struggle against our nature.

We want to sell more without feeling like we’re “selling out”.

There are only 2 ways to get more money into the biz:

Raise prices or sell more items.

You can sell more items if you have more customers or if…

You have more products to sell.


Often artists panic at needing to expand their audience and increase their buyers.

Where are these elusive buyers?gold coins-128x128

How do we find them?

In the early stages of a creative biz especially, there is an impatience to grow and a sense of “not enough time” to wait for the sale of original work to to pick up to the point that it’s carrying the biz.

Original art is the long sales path.

longpathOriginal art is the definition of luxury: expensive and not (strictly) necessary for survival. 😀

It may take years before a member of your mailing list finally buys an original and becomes a collector.

This is totally fine, this is what’s expected.

But what do you do in the mean time?

You don’t have to wait and starve for the original sales to pick up.

You can feel more secure with revenue coming in from a variety of sources that are giving you dependable numbers…

Merchandise and reproduction products don’t have to compete with your original sales – depending on how you model your creative biz.
Merchandise and products can also provide you with very valuable information on what images are most popular and what should be considered for other products or collections.

Earn more, more regularly and know exactly what kinds of images your audience is most likely to buy.

“Test for less” when releasing small products to your audience.

Instagram_logo_2016.svgWhat do you do when your sales at fairs are slow and your online sales are almost non-existent?

People love your work on social media.

You have the followers and the likes on Facebook and Instagram.

People are loving what you’re creating – they’re just not buying.

What do you do?

I’ve watched artists sit in empty booths. Shoppers look eagerly from the walkways – but don’t venture in.

Originals only can be a barrier to entry.

Not everyone is ready to jump on the collector ladder – especially when prices are starting at $500 and above.

I’m not questioning your pricing – your pricing is as it should be for originals – but merchandise and reproductions opens up the sales arena to many more people.

More people are likely to come in and investigate when you have smaller items available and a variety of price points.


Merchandise allows potential customers to browse and become collectors of your work and join the team and become part of the tribe without having to wait for the long sales path.

These same customers are likely to become collectors of your originals as well – you gave them the opportunity to step on the collector path earlier than if you were only selling original art.

More people in the booth, buying more often.

©Emma SanCartier - FB Page product announcement.

©Emma SanCartier – FB Page product announcement.

Merchandise, products and reproductions expands your collectors base into actual collectors.

Through the release of series and collections, withholding originals, limited time releases and “retiring” images – you can control a much more diverse sales path that in no way impacts the value or sales of your originals.

Making art without sales is a stressful undertaking.

Sometimes you feel unable to take the time to do your best work – and that can’t ever be a factor in the creation process.

Your mastery of your art is the foundation of your creative process.

Working full-time or even part-time to make ends meet equals out to overall less time devoted to the art.

It’s frustrating.

You can leverage your work and continue to get paid for images that are already completed.

Let the art already made support you in making more art!

Leverage popular images into merchandise and reproduced art products.

Give yourself more time to make art that matters.


A taste of RRR:



What’s in the Box?

11 Videos

videocameraPurpleWe’ve got 11 videos showing you step by step how to create your own merchandise, enhanced reproductions and semi-original products.

The videos are downloadable so that you can have access to them forever – or stream them on the website and view them as often as you remain a member of The re:ACTion Lab.

The best part of video is that you never miss a thing. Stop. Rewind and re-watch as often as you need to perfect a technique or understand a concept or a strategy. You can watch the same video 80 times if that’s what you want to do.

Apparently the videos often spark new inspirations and motivate members into producing even more products and offerings than we’ve outlined in the class itself.

The videos and techniques often showcase new materials that can be integrated into an existing creative process. You may find that whole new areas of creativity are fed by expanding into different medium.

lightbulb 128x128
Videos are provide so much freedom because you can watch them in the comfort of your own home, on your timetable, at your schedule – in your pyjamas, if that’s what you want.

14 Audio MP3s

audio-256x256Audio is the most mobile of all the information formats.

Throw it on your phone or iPod and you can take it with you anywhere.

You can download too so that you have it for as long as you want. I always download class files – often there is more value in the information when we revisit the track months or even years later. We’re not always able to take in all the information that is being offered at the time.

You can listen during your commute, or while you paint or workout or walk.

I’m a big fan of listening to podcasts and classes while I do the dishes and other chores.

It makes it go by a lot quicker.

3 Artist Case Studies

PencilonPaperIIGreen BizplanThere are at least 3 artist examples of using reproductions, merchandise and products in their business model – there’s probably more, but I doubled up on some and talked about what some artists were doing in another topic.

At any rate there are at least 3 that I show you and speak specifically to their use of merchandise and reproductions and products as a fundamental key to their success as artists.

Real life examples of real artists at work.

Hopefully they can inspire you to the reality of what is possible with your art biz and to apply that inspiration in your own way to your own creative biz.

I provide plenty of links and resources to manufacturers, materials further information.

There’s no reason for you to be wasting your time finding out how to create your merch when we’ve already got those resources for you.

Spend your time creating great work and connecting your audience to your creations.

All the rest of The re:ACTion Lab goodness

there-ACTionlabMEMBERSFLATThis is by far the best value if you want to take more than one class offered on our website.

We’ve bundled most of our classes together because it makes more sense to offer you a whole pathway of business learning and take you through the process over a year than try and staple it together piece-meal and miss out whole areas altogether.

You can take the classes in whatever order you want to and we’ve given you a path that we suggest to cover your biz bases and build a strong foundation.

We’re about building a strong business from the foundation up and not just trying to sell you as many classes as we can – that’s why The re:ACTion Lab is such an easy choice. It’s all right there for you – plus stuff like RRR that you can’t get on it’s own.

We just added the Q&A page which is a big plus to our members. We’ve answered the most common questions we get around here so far:

“I don’t know what to send to my mailing list.”

“I don’t understand how I brand myself. It feels weird and fake.”

“What is an associated market?”

“How will I know who likes my work?”

join now drawn maroonKeep ’em coming – I answer the most common &/or interesting.

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