The Almanac Office Manager LIVE

~ When you need more support & accountability ~


Sometimes, it’s hard to do it alone

I get that.

We’ve all got different strengths and skill sets. What comes easily and naturally to one just doesn’t to some one else.

My husband Keith is some sort of weird anomaly in human addiction.

No_smoking_symbolHe has an uncanny sense of will power.

It took me 4 serious, dedicated tries over a period of 5 years to finally quit smoking for real.

When I met Keith he was still smoking and I told him it was a deal-breaker. I was smoke-free for a couple years at that point, but not confident that I would be able to resist the temptation of spending my time with a smoker.

He quit the same day and hasn’t smoked since.

He does the same when he thinks he’s getting a bit too chubby – just stops eating crap. Even if it’s in the house.

Totally maddening.

I need help with exercise and health.

Little bags of heroin.

Little bags of heroin.

God forbid there are chips in the house – I’ll eat them. ALL of them.

It’s like being addicted to heroin when there are packets of heroin all over the house.

Keith will come home with a bag packed with a variety of heroin.

“Just don’t eat them.” says Keith like an asshole.

Just. Don’t. Eat them. *eye roll*

He is an anomaly.

The fried potato is my nemesis.

…so I get needing more help and support than you can get on your own.

That’s why we do The AOM LIVE.

This might be for you if you:


  • don’t feel organized & can’t seem to get it done on your own
  • don’t have any organization game or ideas on how to make it better
  • feel frustration & resistance to getting started
  • are feeling stressed & harried in your biz
  • are often overwhelmed with all the little pieces
  • would prefer to ignore or deny the bits and opportunities that get lost
  • ever feel like you might never get better at running your biz smoothly


Sometimes we need to be supported

The AOM LIVE provides the accountability that some creative entrepreneurs need to set their biz on smooth running wheels.

Homework is due weekly and will start you in the habit of considering the structures and activities in your biz with a mind to organization and flow.

supportThe weekly calls are a support and a chance to get the direction and answers you need right away.

I know some people are nervous about the call-in. They don’t want to speak and feel like they won’t be able to get their questions answered.

The Q & A questions can be asked anonymously with the homework submission or on the classes Q & A form – so there’s no need to feel like you’ll be put on the spot and forced to ask your question in front of a group.

Trust me. Your questions that you think are so weird that no one else could ever care about? Totally going to be questions a bunch of other people are relieved have been asked.

Ask away. Everyone learns more that way.

I know it’s frustrating & you’re resistant & skeptical

I get that.

Why should this be any different?explosion-417894_960_720

The resistance to organizing your biz comes from having to work under deadlines and the stress of putting your hands on all the pieces at the last minute.

Setting up & following a system lets you stay ahead of the deadlines & removes the bad association around organization, structure & systems.

Be skeptical.

Focus Target TealThere is no guarantee that this class will work for you because I have no idea if you’ll actually use the information and actually do the work.

You’ll learn a variety of new ideas & techniques & tools to organize and structure your biz. If you actually do the set up, I guarantee your biz will roll better and you’ll be able to spend more time on the creative work that will actually grow your brand.

Having a plan in place and being able to follow it to fruition is fuel for your biz.

It feels pretty awesome too.

It’s not always going to be so chaotic

If you’ve been ignoring the piles of papers and art supplies and messages and emails and business cards and missed opportunities…
It’s okay to admit that what you’ve been doing isn’t getting you the results you want or the experience of running your biz the way you want.

Doing what we have been doing hasn’t been getting us the results we want – so it’s time to try something new.

We want a system that works.

We want a system that we can set up and follow and start initiating projects and big ideas instead of reacting and playing catch up.


If you recognize this – don’t be too hard on yourself.

You’re not bad at business & it’s totally going to get better.

No one teaches this.

No one teaches us how to structure & organize our businesses.

We often don’t see it as something that’s missing either.

We think we’re just doing a bad job. You’re totally not.

No one teaches this.


It’s the invisible part of your biz.

It’s the frame that holds everything together.

It’s the frame that creates a solid biz.
Stones Stability Inukshuk
A solid biz creates stability and stability creates trust.

Stability helps you trust more in the future of your biz.

Stability helps your customers trust more in your biz.

People who trust your biz are people who buy.

  • 10 MP3 audio classes
  • 2 Video Screen Flow classes
  • Downloadable checklists & quick start guides
  • Full access to WTF is a JPEG class for cataloguing your artwork
  • 20% lifetime discount to Artwork Archive
  • Your own download of The Almanac
  • Everything in the Self-Study class
  • 4 x 1 hour long call in sessions
  • Dig deeper into each area of the material
  • Participate or learn from the group
  • Learn more


What’s in the box


  • everything you get in The Almanac Office Manager
  • group conference calls
  • cover each area of the AOM:
  • Office Space & Things • Art Space & Things • Time • People
  • All the downloads & quick start quides and tax workbooks & PR workbook
  • homework accountability
  • anonymous Q&A


Get all the goodies from AOM

AOMShopDownload the whole class and The Almanac and have it… forever.

I never delete any class I take.

You never get the full value out of an information class the first time you take it.

Revisiting the information brings in new understanding – things we either missed or were unable to grasp and understand the first time around.

I have classes from over 5 years ago.

I actually just cracked one open last month to get a refresher on writing sales pages.

It’s good to keep the information.

We forget stuff and we can try ideas and options that maybe weren’t such a good fit the first time.

MOAR support & bonhomie

Nope, the Bonhomme is not the same thing.

Nope, the Bonhomme is not the same thing.

Isn’t bonhomie a great word?

…no I’m not going to tell you what it is – you’ll have to Google it. But it’s good.

The group call in is good for bonhomie and immediate support.

If you’re okay to ask questions in class – get your answers right away. Get the support you need for your specific circumstances and situation.

I just took a class with Mark Silver that was 8 weeks of call ins.

They were really valuable to hear the questions from others that lent depth and context to my own situation.

I was given a lot of new and good ideas for my own biz by listening in.

It’s nice to hear that you’re not the only one stuck on a situation or having a hard time with some area.

It’s easier to move forward knowing you’re just like a lot of people and not some sort of outlier who can’t get her shit together.

You’re not an outlier.

Your shit is totally together.

Accountability homework – no, really. It’s a good thing.

chalk board home workThe homework is all about accountability… and retention.

There is value in having to reflect on the material and write down your answers and experiences.

I’m a huge journaling fan.

Writing down and putting into practice new insight right away is vital to retention.

If you don’t… it fades away. Then you have to re-learn it again.

When you do, you’ll be like “Oh crap, I knew that already…”

I’ve done that a bunch of times.

If this sounds like something that works for you – click the button below and we’ll see you in class!


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