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I’ve been coaching artists in business since 1998 and it never fails that some form of biz organizing questions comes up during our calls.

It makes sense.

Running a business requires juggling multiple balls from diverse areas and depending on your talent set – not everyone is doing great at organizing the nuts & bolts of their business.

It’s why companies have actual Office Managers – to manage all the parts of the business so that the owners can get back to the genius work that’s required to build their brand and empire.

So what do you do when you’re a creative solopreneur and it’s all up to you?

You don’t have to hire an Office Manager

Focus Target TealShort of hiring an Office Manager or a virtual assistant – take this course and learn how to focus on each area of your biz and get it organized and rolling smoothly.

There are ways to organize your time & scheduling so that you can get more out of your studio time.

There are tools & software that can help you with organizing your time & scheduling so that you spend more of your biz time making awesome creative shit for people to squee over.

Learn how you can do this.

How much more of your time could be focused on your creative work?


Consider this class if you:


  • feel anxious & disorganized around your biz
  • often misplace information & things
  • miss out on opportunities & deadlines by misplacing information & things
  • organize by making piles of papers and information – but have no real sorting or filing system
  • work in clutter & disarray that makes you feel stressed, scattered & fuzzy
  • have difficulty retreiving important emails or contacts
  • surrounded by notes & reminders & post-it’s & taped & pinned notes & reminders that don’t work & don’t help
  • feel like a stupid person who can’t get their shit together
  • feel like you waste time that could be spent working on your art
  • are afraid you’re limiting your success & potential by not having working business sytems in place.


It makes everything work better

GearsPurple17 years I’ve been organizing & managing creative people & creative things.

Every business needs a container or a framework.

The system & structure is there to create pathways and containers for things & information to have a place to go when it comes into your biz.

Oil up your biz wheels with systems & structures.

Systems & structures ensure that information & things BE in the place that is easily findable when you need to use that informaton or thing again, in a timely manner.

“A place for everything & everything in it’s place.”

There is a constant flow of emails, ideas, information, contacts, mail and communication coming into your biz.

Don’t let the important things fall under your desk.

sticky-notesPaperClipsThe Almanac Office Manager (AOM), gives you a framework so that none of the incoming stuff gets thrown out or loses it’s stick and falls off the wall underneath your desk.

This literally happened to me.

Sometimes sticky notes aren’t so sticky. When they release you can only hope that they fall within eyesight.

Sometimes they don’t and you permanently lose a contacts info.

I respect the sticky notes organizational game – it’s just not for me.

Less Stress More Power

Setting up organization systems doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

PowerButtonRoundPurpleWe’ve broken it down into 4 areas and each can be undertaken separately.

Download the checklists and get started immediately.

Getting one area flowing smoothly will give you the energy and power to tackle other areas.

The power is in the “programming” – letting the system remember & just doing the next thing on your to do list.

Liberation of your brain juice.

BrainGearsTealYou don’t have to hold all the things in your head.

You shouldn’t even try.

That’ll give anyone a breakdown – let the system remember – let the system handle it.

Give your brain and energy the freedom to focus on the creative genius work that is going to grow your biz and propel your recognition in the industry.

Stop juggling.
Start using your insight & vision.

We cut down our creative insight when we hold more than 4 things in our head at one time.

If you’re looking to

  • expand your biz
  • start making work that’s meaningful
  • make work that connects to your audience
  • make work that gains a hold of their hearts & minds –


You need all of your brain juice to work for you towards that goal.

stackspaperA clear space, a system of intake, a structure for task management, managing contacts & events & follow up – run your biz admin smoothly AND release your brain power to the creative opportunities for your biz and brand to win new fans & sales.

Give your creative biz the brightest possible future and set up a solid set of foundations to grow your empire.

My husband Keith is a pile-maker.

We actually sing a song around here about how he’s a hoarder…

“He’s a hoarder, he loves his piles. He’s a hoarder, he’s not organized.”

Hehe, I love that song.

But seriously – he’s a borderline hoarder, and I think if I die before him and he’s in charge of the house they’ll find him dead one day –

trapped underneath a pile that he made because he didn’t have a system or structure for his things.

He won’t let me teach him either. JUST LIKE A HOARDER.

Give your creative biz it’s best chance at success.


  • 10 MP3 audio classes
  • 2 Video Screen Flow classes
  • Your own download of The Almanac
  • Downloadable checklists & quick start guides
  • Full access to WTF is a JPEG class for cataloguing your artwork
  • 20% lifetime discount to Artwork Archive
  • Everything in the Self-Study class
  • Call in sessions
  • Dig deeper into each area of the material
  • Receive immediate support & direction
  • Participate or learn from the group
  • Learn more


What’s in the box


  • Organized by the most important parts of your biz
  • Office Things / Art Things / Time / People
  • Learn strategies to organize your physical space, emails, taxes, contacts, networking, art archive and more
  • 10 MP3 audio classes – over 2 hours of instruction in my dulcet tones (ha!)
  • 2 video classes – step by step comparison of project management and task software & setting up your own art inventory system
  • Email signup template for real life events
  • 4 PDF checklists for file organziation hierarchy
  • PR & Networking workbook in Excel & CSV versions
  • PDF checklist for complete archiving & cataloguing of finished art work


Organize your time & space

Don’t miss out on anymore opportunities.

Make the most of the work that you do and the events in which you participate & attend.

Make efficient use of your time.

Stop diffusing your energy and replicating tasks and get back to your creative work.

Convenient audio

I love learning by audio.

I used to have an hour long commute to work and I would listen to audio classes, books & podcasts the whole

You can listen, learn & multi-task at the same time.

Listen to me while you do dishes or go for a walk or ride you bike or garden. I’m always listening to audio when I garden!

Audio can go anywhere with you.

Lot’s of resources

As I put this class together, I realized that a lot of the things I use in my own biz are relevant and useful to your own biz systems – so I started looking at what I could share.

There are quick start PDF checklists so you can get started right away.

FilefoldersPurpleLinks to more resources can enlarge & expand your benefits from the course long after it’s over.

We send you to targeted material so you can get the info you need right now and not waste your time in the weeds with irrelevant stuff.

We all need different tools to organize our biz – there’s lots covered and a variety of downloads.

Don’t fear taxes

This is probably one of the least sexy but most appreciated downloads in the whole coins-128x128

Don’t fear the reaper… Oh wait, no. I mean the Tax man…

Or at least don’t fear tax day and the nightmare of doing all of it in one sitting.

We’ve got a spreadsheet download that’ll help you keep track your business expenses.

Ahhh, sweet tax day – just input those totals. Sweet.


free bonus badge turqThat’s right.

What’s a good class without a bonus or two??

We got em.

The first bonuse and pretty awesome if you ask me, is access to WTF is a JPEG.

Yep. With The Almanac Office Manager you get a whole other class.

A class that shows you how to:

  • photograph and scan your work
  • how to use Photoshop and freeware Gimp to adjust levels and saturation to make your digital images as amazing as the orginals
  • add copyright metadata for search on your website
  • how to watermark your images to share on the web
  • how to photograph merch and more!

It’s an awesome bonus.

Second bonus

bonus-greenMOAR BONUS!

Second bonus is 20% off a lifetime membership to Artwork Archive. Woo!

Well, that’s an affiliate link for me – still… WIN/WIN right?

It’s a lot of stuff and it’s good for running your biz. Click the buy button if you need help getting organized.

All the things valued at: $1174

Now: $590 for 1 year membership.

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