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~ Hire me to talk to your people about art promotion ~


Marketing & promotion doesn’t have to be a dirty word to your artists.

Are you a high school or college art teacher, art group events co-ordinator or program director?

Marketing & promotion doesn’t have to be a dirty word to your artists.

Hire me to lighten up the topic with a friendly, casual presentation on promoting your art using the internet.

I cover topics like Hub & Spoke Marketing, the “Question of Why”, our biggest mistake as artists and how we can leverage our greatest gifts.

I am able to create presentations on all areas of marketing and promotion for artists and value your feedback as to what is appropriate and beneficial to your people.

This video gives you an idea of the kinds of visuals and vibe I offer in my presentation.

Watch the video:


Listen here:

A short talk I gave to the graduating class at Wexford C.I. School for the Arts:



Presentations normally run 30 – 40 minutes + Q & A.
(I’d allow for at least 30 minutes for Q & A).

  • $150 + mileage for groups that provide their own set-up:
    • Screen + USB Projector + laptop + speaker set up if necessary
    • Please provide me with whatever software compatibility is necessary to run a slide-show on your lap top – (Powerpoint, Keynote etc.)
  • $200 + mileage for groups that require I provide any of the following:
    • Screen + USB Projector + laptop
    • Unfortunately, I will not be providing a speaker system
  • Mileage is round-trip from Oshawa, calculated to the current CRA standard of $.49 per km.



    If you have more questions or are interested in a custom presentation in response to your artists’ needs – please don’t hesitate to email me at lezley@lezleydavidson.com.

    Or fill out the contact form below.
    Include any other questions or concerns you have and I’ll get back to you with answers and a presentation price as soon as I’m able.

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