The Almanac 2017

Your passion path made real by using a system that makes sure you do the work.
(It's not sexy - but it's what's needed.)

The Almanac is a wholly selfish project that I do every year for myself.

Every improvement, addition and change that I make to it is entirely because that’s how I work and it’s how I want it.

I use this system every day and I’m constantly tweaking and changing things… You guys seem to like it too.

So win/win!


In 2017 I GOT SERIOUS about binding my Almanac

My sister-in-law bought a Happy Planner and the discs in that thing were a REVELATION.

OMG – I can add and subtract and move pages around in my planner!! EEEEE!!!

Holy Shit.

So I bought discs… and a pen holder – I used to keep a pen in the spiral of the binding, but now with the discs I needed a place for my pen to live. Ta dah!

I used my Almanac every day last year, so this time I splurged for the COLOUR copies.

That shit is EXPENSIVE yo.

The copies themselves cost $115. Wow. That’s a different kind of holy shit.

I guess this is what I pay for customization – worth it.

New in 2017:

cultivationswebI only made a couple changes to the Almanac this year.

First – I changed the “Cultivation” pages from manifesting to connecting.

I start every week by sitting silent and connecting to higher source and listening for what is most important to focus on for the week.

I plan and schedule everything from that place of importance.

It’s the soul-filter through which all choices are made.

This to me is more powerful, truthful and has a much greater rate of success.

It’s the difference between having your path revealed to you and trying to dig a fresh path for yourself. (The older I get the more I realize how much I don’t know.)

SO. That was a thing.

Thing Two

The second thing was I added a couple “Year View” pages.

I have a wall calendar where I plan out the year promos at a glance – but I needed to get more granular with it.

I wanted a place where I could plan promotions and decide what blogs or ads or shares I would include.

So I made these.


I love this thing – it just keeps getting more and more specific to exactly what I need/use to organize my biz.

In 2016 I bound a copy for myself!

I did it in black and white because the colour was going to cost $138!! Tooooo pricey!

Next year I think I’ll spring for a professional B&W print job. I did this off of my old laser printer and it took me all day and I wasted a lot of pages.

Live and learn… Still – totally stoked to have this for myself.




New in 2016:

This past year I’ve gained a lot of benefit from having both worksheets and blank sheets to work out my path AND I’ve starting wanting to keep everything together in one place.

I’m tired of having a million pieces of letter paper scattered around my house – (because depending on where I’m working I could be in the library, living room or my studio). Plus there was lined papers lists of social media posts and how to notes – like Google Ad words…

I wanted everything in one place.

Plus I wanted to have more planners and spaces to write out my schedule. I use electronic tools, but I like to start out by writing. There is a cohesion and mind/body unity from writing that allows me think more creatively and have more clarity than I do with electronic tools.

So, this year I decided I was going to bind the Almanac for myself. You get a binding PDF too.

  • Harvest pages
  • “I’m made for this” pages **NEW** – (good for reminding you how awesome you are and how many skills and talents you have that make you perfect for the work that you do).
  • Tasks & Action pages
  • The Thing pages
  • Merch Flow pages
  • Monthly Dated Calendar pages **NEW**
  • Weekly Planner pages **NEW**
  • Cultivations pages
  • 144 numbered blank brainstorm pages **NEW**
  • Corresponding Index pages to keep track of your ideas **NEW**
  • All worksheets, templates, and spreadsheets from past Almanacs

The Almanac is more than an eBook to help you plan your biz. For me it’s a whole system designed to help you take your ideal life, the dreams of your heart and plant them into the earth and anchor them. The Almanac acts as a reminder for you to DO THE WORK – and make sure the work you came here to do is what you’re actually doing.

In response to significant feedback around The Almanac – I’ve also developed a live support class called The Almanac LIVE. If you think you’d like more support as you plan your biz and want more accountability and 4 call in classes sounds like something you can commit to, click The Almanac LIVE to read more about it.

You do not need to buy The Almanac if you register in The Almanac LIVE. The Almanac download is included with the LIVE class.


I made this eBook and templates because I wanted them.

This is how I organize my publishing, my creation of workshops and classes, my blog posts… everything.

This very simple system is how I decide what the most important part of my business is for each quarter, where I need to be spending my time and what needs to be the focus to take my business in the direction it needs to go.

I used to use a sketchbook.

Hello Patchie… yes, I pet you now.

…and that was okay.

I still use a sketchbook to brainstorm and mind map and dream out loud. So I combined the two so that I have both in one place.

…that’s the strength of The Almanac.

  • Step-by-step system

    – Ready for you. No reason not to be organized and track all your info, ‘cuz it’s all built for you and ready to go.

  • Track all your numbers

    So helpful. You don’t have to actually remember – AND it gives you a totally unbiased history of real results.

    Helps you make decisions based on real profit and progress.

  • Track the feels

    – Give yourself the opportunity to value the emotional health of your art biz.

    Creates a space to allow you the time to be quiet and reflect… time to reconnect and get back grounded into the meaning and value of why your art matters.


All together and out of my head

I love it.

Everything is all together, collected into a binder (that I can make pretty if I want, or keep it “executive” if I’m feeling all business-y like that) so that I can keep all my ideas and musings, focus, numbers, results, budgets, inventories… all in ONE PLACE.

I used to have ideas scattered in a bunch of different places… now they’re going to be collected together – so I always know where I put them!

The biggest relief for me is that I have a dedicated place to put all my ideas… out of my head and down on paper, so I don’t have to keep track of them anymore.

Not all ideas are ready to be planted and grown, but now I’ve got a place where they can be stored and I don’t have to remember it or even remember where I put it… because it’s right there in The Almanac.

Yay spreadsheets - woo! (most nerdy thing, I've ever said)

Yay spreadsheets – woo!
(most nerdy thing I’ve ever said)


Here are some of the templates and worksheets in The Almanac:


Here’s what’s new in 2016:


This is only about half of what you get… and they’re all spreadsheets and forms that I’ve been working with already in my business.

I figure if they’re working for me – you could get a lot of benefit from them too.

Some of the spreadsheets are printable pdf’s so that you can take them to a show or convention and keep track of sales and inventory movement while you’re there.

I’ve also filled out several of the spreadsheets and forms to give you an example of how you can use them.

I'm working on the Harvest part of my Almanac right now... (my laser printer is black and white - no colour) :c

…no colour. *sadface*


  • Review, Focus & Blank Calendar sheets

    – Easy to follow, simple but powerful system to turn your goals into action and reality.

  • Determine Year Focus

    – It’s too easy to get distracted by the shiniest, the loudest, the most urgent. Having a solid growth focus aligns your biz purpose with your action and intention.

  • Identify Allies

    – People are powerful. We accomplish much more together than we do singly. Supports a plan to cultivate influential people for mutual benefit.


I need to see it

I’m pretty organized and business savvy, but as an artist I need to see the information in a visual way.

I really like spreadsheets for that, because it’s easy for me to see what shows did well, what products sold well and what areas of the business need to be re-evaluated.

I need to write things out and see the information on the page.

I need to see the before and after numbers side by side.

I need to have my focus and goals written on everything that I’m working on so that I can stay on track and not get pulled off course.

…because everything sounds like the right thing to do in the heat of excitement… but it may not fit into the goals of what your business needs right now.


©Veronica Guzzardi - Click image to go to website.

©Veronica Guzzardi

Veronica Guzzardi – Illustration & Design

Veronica gave me an impromptu testimonial about the Almanac while we were on the Derek Wicks Art Licensing Expert Interview… which was both unexpected and wonderful:

“It’s splendid…” Thanks Veronica!!



The Almanac has:

  • 51 page ebook

  • Art Inventory Database

    in either Bento Template or Excel spreadsheet

    • Originals Inventory
    • Print Editions Inventory
    • Products Inventory
    • Exhibitions
    • Sales Orders
    • Contacts
  • Blank Calendars

  • Harvest Review, MerchFlow, Task and Note templates
  • Multiple Spreadsheets:
    • Exhibition Budgets
    • Exhibition Inventory & Sales
    • Post Planner
    • Social Media & Networking Tracker



Taking the time to fill out The Harvest review sheets and plan for the year is one of meditation and reconnection to my source.

Vampire-paleOur businesses are often a spiritual practice. I believe that the work we choose to do on the Earth while we’re here, is a reflection of our most cherished beliefs – regardless of what that work is. What we bring to work is part of what we offer the world. Its part of what we’re here creating.

Working with the Almanac is a deeply meditative and restorative time for me, because it brings me directly back to the meaning of my business.

It gets me focused again on what’s important, the reasons that I do this work in the first place and the ways that I want to make an impact.

  • Track fails

    – Understand what and why it didn’t work.

    Identify weaknesses in your biz – fix or avoid them. Identify strengths. Emphasize those.

  • Celebrate the wins

    – Give thanks and embrace your wins and strengths.

    It is vitally important for your artistic soul for you to support, nourish and encourage your creative successes.

    You have already done so much – celebrate your courage and bravery.

  • Encourage gratitude

    – Focusing on what we haven’t received yet breeds dissatisfaction and contempt… often drawing exactly what we don’t want.

    Practising thankfulness builds and maintains the fertile ground to accept more abundance.

    We are never able to accept more in our lives until we’re grateful for what we already have.

  • (I hope I don’t sound like I’m preaching… that’s gross. Our mental attitude is so important for the health of our art biz. Gratitude, thankfulness, humility… they are catnip to success.)

Sometimes I forget why I do this work… and my voice can become wishy washy… but working with the Almanac always brings me back to my strength and how important I believe the arts are to the world and humanities growth and how important I CircleLeavesfeel it is for artists to get their work out there and share it and build smart art businesses that can sustain you as you spread your vision.

This is so important to me. And I can forget.

So I relish the time put aside to reconnect to my purpose.

And rekindle my fire.


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