The Marketing Lab

~ Marketing Foundations for your Creative Biz ~


Start Here… well, after you set up your Mailing List, start here.

The Marketing Lab is a foundations marketing class.

After setting up your Mailing list and publishing sign up forms – this is where you should start. It covers everything from your why to your lifestyle goals and how you want to spend your days, to how much money you want to earn… and how to get there.

What’s the problem?

Are you flailing around on social media?Overwhelm comic

Are you throwing posts and tweets and grams out into the ether and failing to get any return on your efforts?

Do you have a teeny tiny list that doesn’t seem to want to grow very much?

Are you getting no followers, likes nor shares and more importantly, no sales? I understand how in the beginning marketing can seem confusing and overwhelming… but it doesn’t have to be. Especially when you understand how the whole process works together and how you can get your customers to take action.

This class is for you if:


  • You’re beginning your biz OR what you’ve been doing so far isn’t working.
  • You’re the type of person who likes to understand the whole process and how all the pieces work together.
  • You like to create a business and marketing plan from you core values.
  • You care about why you do the work you do.


$10 000 a month in 6 months!

Is a big fat lie for beginners.

It bugs me so much when business educators use those phoney “sell-y” headlines… because they’re never true.

They may very well be making, or have made $10 000 a month… but they didn’t start 6 months ago. Maybe 5 years in business and then 6 months ago they repackaged and rebranded and re-launched, so it’s not totally a lie… but still a lie for anyone thinking that they’ll make that kind of cash in their very first 6 months.

What’s reasonable is slow and steady organic growth over a period of years.

You may hit some luck and get a boost of publicity and traffic from a big name and that’s super! But you also want to have your biz set up and ready for that upswing in customers.

The Marketing Lab will help you get ready.

This class is NOT for you if:


  • You expect to make mucho $$$ in a short period of time.
  • You’re not interested in making a business plan that fits in with your life design.
  • You want it “done for you” – or your would prefer to be told “what to do” without understanding your “why” or how it all works together.
  • You’ve been working your creative biz for awhile and need more specific & advanced help.

CircleLeavesI this sounds like the right fit for you and your growing biz – get started today – or even spread out your learning over the year with a membership to The re:ACTion Lab membership package.


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The Library too

When you sign up for The Marketing Lab – you’ll also gain access to The Library.

The Library has more valuable free content and lessons that become available page by page over a 5 week period.

Library Access:

  • Week 1: How to Set up a Mailchimp account
  • Week 2: FanExpo Package + More Sales
  • Week 3: Organization + Planning
  • Week 4: Promote your Biz with YouTube
  • Week 5: The Marketing Stuff + Archive

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All the things valued at: $1174

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