Your Next 6 Months

~ Assess • Plan • Action ~


Welcome to Your Next 6 Months

Sometimes we’re not getting the results we want and we don’t know why.

We don’t know how to move forward and change the situation because we don’t know what else to do – other than what we’ve already been doing.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

This is the worst.

It feels scary and hopeless and a total loss of the dreams we hold for having a happy life filled with purpose and fulfillment sustained by meaningful creation.

“It’s okay… NO IT’S NOT.” ————>

It can feel like life is a jail where nothing works out.

We’re stuck and frozen and don’t have a plan to make it better.

Make a plan. Make it happen.

checkmark icon 128x128Without a plan – we have no chance to change our future.

Lamely posting our art to social media and hoping we’ll get noticed isn’t a plan for change.

We can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing and hoping for different results.

If we’re not getting the traffic, shows, signups and sales we need to sustain our livelihoods – we need to figure out what’s not working and make a new plan to change it.

Let me show you how to make it better


  • Full review of your biz – I spend a significant amount of time browsing your online presence; your website, social media profiles, shop and any other online sites to which you point me.

    I make a thorough review of what’s working and what can be improved to help you reach your creative biz goals.

  • I will be regularly asking you about why you do what you do and what makes it meaningful.

    I can’t help but be on the look-out for your living truth while we work together.

  • Define clear and reasonable goals for all areas of your biz
  • Identify failures in your sales message and strategy – and provide options to become much more effective
  • Break down large multi-task projects into manageable, actionable tasks
  • Identify associated markets and a plan to connect and grow your audience
  • Time Management and organizational strategies to keep you on track
  • Leave you with a 6 month plan for your biz that gets you excited about your future in your creative biz

Oil_painting_paletteStop feeling bad about not knowing how to make your creative biz successful.

How can you know?

You’re an artist, not a business major.

I’ve been working in the business of art and sales since 1998.

Let me show you how.

Not just how to business, not just a creative business plan – but a plan for 6 months AND how to stay focused on making it happen.

Your success is my purpose.

StormOakThere is nothing more energizing for your biz (and mental health) than to see the changes start to work.

More signups on your list.

More engagement on social media.


Feel empowered in understanding your biz and how the pieces work together to make a stronger message and customers more likely to purchase.

Know how to identify when things are getting off track and how to correct your biz to bring it back into alignment with your most powerful sales message.

Live your Truth.
Become PRO-ACTIVE in your biz – not passively letting it slip away.

More events, more opportunities, more signups, more engagement, more sales, more customers…

Actively work towards creating the life you want to live


Book Your Next 6 Months to start now.

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Click here to watch more videos of Sharlena & I working together on “Your Next 6 Months”.

So, what’s in the box?


How does this coaching thing work?

Video or Just Audio – your choice

Skype-logoMost of my clients seem to prefer video.

It’s up to you – whatever you’re comfortable with.

We use Skype – it’s free for both of us and we can avoid toll charges.

I’m in Canada – you can be anywhere in the world!

I understand why my clients prefer video. Coaching is intimate.

There is much trust and vulnerability involved in working with someone so closely on a subject that is so important to you.

My clients want to see my face.

And frankly – it’s better if I can see your face too. (But not mandatory.)

It’s been really helpful to establish rapport and for me to gauge reactions and change gears if it seems like we’re going off the rails.
I’ve also been able to stop and clarify.

Not everyone feels comfortable interrupting – especially when they don’t understand what I’m saying.

Maybe I’ve rattled off some industry term that makes zero sense to you – I can put a stop to the session and ask if you have questions or clarify some stupid buzzword and use real language that real people speak to one another.

If you don’t have Skype you can get a free account here.

I can also call you or we can use a conference line – where you call in and use a password to gain access to the call.

It’s all doable.

Hit Record

record-97627_960_720I record our session together and make it available in a day or two in a private Dropbox link for you to download and have forever.

This has been one of the most long-lasting benefits of a coaching call.

We just don’t take in everything that’s said especially on a 2 hour call.

Even notes aren’t enough.

There are nuggets that are missed – either because we aren’t ready for them so they skim over our consciousness. Or because we’re too invested in what was just said and totally missed hearing it altogether.

My own experience is the same.
I’ve been profoundly grateful for the recordings of coaching calls with my own mentors.

Re-listening to them a year or sometimes three later reveals all kinds of advanced options that I can put into practice now, that I wasn’t ready for when the call happened.

2 Hours + Robust Take In Questionnaire

2 hours may not sound like enough to cover your next 6 months – but it’s plenty when paired with my in-take questionnaire and the hours I’ve already spent researching your business online.

We can get an enormous amount covered and plan for your biz – right now, and down the road.
If this sounds right for you click “Book Now” and we’ll get talking about your biz together.

$389 $301

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Your Next 6 Months + Follow Up Call

PurplePhoneIn response to client requests – now you can book Your Next 6 Months with a 3 month 1 hour follow up call. (Discounted off of the regular hourly rate of $198).

I think this is a great idea and I’m glad my clients are so smart that they make me look smarter as a result!

Choosing this option gives you an hour check in call with me 3 months AFTER we do Your Next 6 Months.

I’ll ask about the plan so far – what’s working, what may need tweaking and especially to bounce off new ideas and direction – because that’s always what happens when you start cooking.

New ideas and action breeds new ideas and action.

It’s great to have the accountability check to know that we’ll be reviewing your progress in 3 months – it does wonders for when you’re thinking about putting it off for another day.

If this sounds like it’s what you need – click the link and we’ll get this party started right.

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