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    Stephanie says:

    Are those freckles? Does she have freckles? I’ve never noticed…

    She has freckles… they are hidden most of the time.

    Leanne says:

    I DO have freckles … they are more pronounced in the sun though.

    They are most obvious when you’re in the middle of a c-section. Just so’s you know.

    Stephanie says:

    Huh, imagine that. Freckles. Cool.

    I’ll have to take a close look some time, and see if I can see them.

    Did you see any of the elusive freckles at the bbq?

    Leanne says:

    Thankfully I didn’t have a mirror either time – wouldn’t have wanted to actually see what I looked like! hahaha You can honestly say that you are only of two that will ever see them under those circumstances.

    “…WHO the FUCK are YOU???” Ahhhh… good times. lul!!

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