Today we’ll take a look at the work and story of several successful licensed artists.

What I love is that they all have very unique styles and are quite different from one another.

This a great visual example of the breadth and scope of difference there is in opportunity in art licensing.

(I haven’t even spoken yet about the serious niche genres of fantasy and horror that also require talented artists from which to license!)


Beth Logan

gazillion ERMERGERD.

Cuteness overload… and cats.


Beth created a series of illustrations and sculptures of her Flossie cat the last month before her kitty died.


I just lost my Patchie too, so this is sitting really personally with me.

Check out her blog – there is such a wonderful sense of character there with stories filled with Beth’s personality.

“Realness” is attractive.

Showing your real self in your biz in all your power and glory and vulnerability is the most engaging.

We’re all misfits.

Tiny Beth Logan Gallery:




Paul Brent

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 8.44.54 AMPaul Brent has chosen the “Seaside” niche and excelled.

He’s expanded beyond the sea and has an enormous amount of products available on his website.

Jewellery, wall hangings, floor coverings, glass art, framed art, bags, needlepoint – the breadth of products that can have licensed illustrations is really unlimited.

©Paul Brent

©Paul Brent


Tiny Paul Brent Gallery:




Drew Brophy

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 5.34.04 PMI love how variety in the art licensing market.

Drew Brophy“Making things look cool since 1971.”


That’s so many levels of awesome.

First, that it’s the actual tagline for a successful business AND that it’s totally the truth.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 5.43.03 PMDrew has been bringing surf and skate culture style to licensing for decades. He’s licensed with all kinds of the top companies: Converse, Palisades Skateboards, Walter Foster, Skin-it, Sigg, Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas, Uggs Australia and a tonne more…

Tiny Drew Brophy Gallery

I couldn’t stop… I just kept adding images. Go check out Drew’s Gallery.



Mary Engelbreit Studios

avatar_maryMary Engelbreit is one of the most prolific and (from what I can tell) famous licensed artists alive.

She has 52 700 likes on Facebook.


SEE. Famous.

Check out the “About” page on her website. She has a team of employees to help with the licensing operation.


Over 25 companies license art for their products from ME Studios. That’s huge. That’s not just 1 product either – that’s multiple products, whole collections.

I had no idea.

No wonder artists in the industry speak of Mary Engelbreit with hushed and reverent tones. (lol!)

Tiny ME Studios Gallery

Art Licensing Derek Wicks SidebarIf this excites you to no end and you can’t wait to get started – get in on insider training with professional licensed artist, Derek Wicks.

I’ve got a really information-packed expert interview with Derek available in the classes and also available in The re:ACTion Lab.


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also available in The re:ACTion Lab


The last Free Watercolour lesson video – Dry Brush! Learn to create texture for old barns, wood, rocks, grass, dirt and other organic substances perfectly suited to the dry brush technique!

Today’s watercolour lesson covers wet in wet. I love letting the water and paint do it’s thing and merge and blend to replicate skies.

Graded wash is where we finally get into what feels like “painting”.

Instead of flat areas of colour we are creating volume and rendering shape with the addition of water to lighten the paint pigments.

Free Watercolour Lessons. Learn flat wash, graded wash, wet in wet, glazing and dry brush. Join The Studio for access!

I think there may be a new renaissance of illustrative traditional art on the rise. Jason Edmiston and N.C. Winters are the proof.

I think it’s more important for people to jump in and start painting than worry about spending a lot of money for “quality” materials.

Quality has it’s place – but just get painting and you can start with as little as $20.

Honestly, I feel like I’ve wasted most of my life not knowing that this guy’s art existed. This guy, is Eyvind Earle. I’ve never encountered an artist who’s work makes me want so much. I just want all of it.     MINE. GIMME.     Disney Eyvind Earle was a long-time Disney concept & […]

I’ve been curious for awhile about the effects of certain household items on paint. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be posting my experiments.