You Are Going to Suck

Sorry, but you will. It will feel awkward and uncomfortable, and you are going to suck. There’s no avoiding this. It’s just what’s going to happen.

At first.

Then you’ll get better. But often that’s not good enough for us. We’re adults. We’re used to things coming easily, learning quickly. No longer do we struggle with hand-eye co-ordination; managing any style of cup from table to mouth is now a breeze. No more difficult looping of bunny ears on the road to tying our own shoes.

Art and creativity are not that simple.

You will be learning to use your body in a new way, considering new and possibly foreign concepts of manipulating water and pigment with a hairy-ended stick. This may take a little while to get used to.

This is okay.

I promise – you will get better. It will feel better.

In the meantime… Have the courage to suck.

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"Live creative."
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I experiment with how to replicate Chameleon Markers using rubbing alcohol and colourless blenders.

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I decided to use up the rest of 2013’s Feature Friday’s by sharing my very first loves in art. My choices are not cool, inspired or particularly unique. I loved the lovable. And Calvin and Hobbes was ALL lovable. My high school boyfriend fanned the flames of my Calvin and Hobbes fascination. He bought me […]

You’ve started down the path of something new. It’s difficult and challenging… but you’re doing it. That’s awesome. Truly.

Max Zorn makes art from TAPE. Regular old, brown, translucent masking tape. He cuts and layers and uses a clear plexiglass to build up his values and shapes to create these beautiful portraits.

I think I found Krista Hasson on Twitter… it was her cover picture on her profile that grabbed my eye. (There’s a plug for putting gorgeous pictures of your art on your social media sites!) Krista works really uniquely – a batik-like style with wax, but using rice paper and watercolour instead of fabric and […]

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Internationally collected, Daniel Jean-Baptiste is now bringing North America the paradise of the Caribbean in the form of his original silk