Letting go

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    Paul Quinn says:

    maybe you should look at it like this: you can’t say good bye or let go of something that was never really there to begin with, so why try? ( again I know from experiance). it was all lies from the start. why waste time mourning a future that obviously was never going to come to pass. He went and saw “watchmen” at a time you needed his support the most. it doesn’t get any more clear than that he was never going to be there for you. that shows that he’s not even friend material,let alone husband or father material. you gotta be the first one because you can’t any hope to be the other two
    I hope this didn’t come off too harsh. sorry if it did.

    maybe it’s just me.

    Lezley says:

    It’s not too harsh but it’s alway easier from the outside to say “fuck ‘im” and “move on”, ” don’t waste your time” and see it as the only really sane choice available. When you’re in it, things look and feel very different… Sometimes insanely so… but I don’t disagree with you. Not even a little bit.

    Paul Quinn says:

    That’s my girl. for most people it is easy, but like I said: |’ve been on the inside and that was five years ago. Its taken me that long to tell myself exactly what I told you. I figured maybe I could help speed up the process for you. (I know. I’m impossibly chivalrous.) just like when you told me you knew exactly where i was coming from regard my Dad, I know exactly where you are with this.

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