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Download the Blog Post Planner and Twitter Tracking spreadsheet from this post on “Systems that Work”.

Download the Art Inventory Template for Bento from the post “Your Art Inventory”.

Beginning the debt repayment process.

 Click here for more savings and debt repayment visual sheets. (This link goes to the blog post “Crack Addicts & Credit Scores” where you can download more visual sheets.)

Business Expenses & Invoices and Stuff

Business Expenses Template
From the ArtA&A #36 Podcast – a template to keep track and total all your business expenses, organized to correspond with the sections in your tax return. ***check your numbers and totals for yourself!!***

(this totally SHOULDN’T be considered tax advice – just an organizational spreadsheet)

Download your Business Expenses Template.
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Exhibitor Resources

Exhibitor’s Checklist
From the Art A&A #23 podcast. Your checklist to make sure you exhibit at a comic con or an art show with everything you need.

Download the Exhibitor’s Checklist.
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Media Room
From the Art A&A #25 podcast. The Media Room page is essentially a permanent Press Kit on your website. This download lists everything you need to make it easy for reporters to access the best you have to offer for their publications.

Download the Media Room Checklist.
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Press Kit

From the Art A&A #26 podcast. The Press Kit is a package you can give to the press at conventions and shows that is filled with material to make it easy for them to publish about your artwork. The key is to make it easy for the reporter.

Download the Press Kit Checklist.
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