These are where I talk with you in my head.

Seriously… but in the best kind of “not crazy” way.

I write “a letter” as often as I have a fluttering of excitement in my chest that I HAVE to share with you.

No more. No less.

I know I have to send a letter – because I suddenly realize I’ve spent half the day talking to you in my head.

We have a conversation you and I.

That’s how the letter gets made.

If you ever feel like the letter is exactly what’s in your head – it’s probably because you’re in mine.

It feels like the letter is for you, because it is. I’ve been talking with you this whole time.

A taste of the letter:


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I have over 40 published so far – I may pull out and dust off some good ‘uns as we go. Enjoy.

The Letter

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The Queen of Overexposure.

The Queen of Overexposed Faces.


Take good care,