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Here’s all your stuff! You can download the videos, or watch them on site.


***Edit 3***

FOUND THE GRIDS!!! Canadian Tire!! Go get ’em!

***Edit 2***

…and now those easily accesible grids are gone and I can’t find them in Walmart OR Canadian Tire.

Let me know if you see them anywhere.


I talk about wire grids in the The FanExpo Package pdf and for a long time I was only ever able to find them online in BC.

WELL – I just saw them on sale at Walmart & Canadian Tire!
A set of 16 grids and 18 connectors for around $35.

Sweet – no more shipping costs.

FYI – these are ‘unlisted’ YouTube hosted videos. They can’t be searched or viewed unless you have the link. Please don’t share these videos as they are intended for Library members only. Thank you!


Tips for Boothing at a Con:


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