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Origami Oracle Template


My contribution to the “Guerrilla Marketing – Lazy-man-leave-behind-promo“. Photocopied for under $10 and left where my target audience will find them.

Download the Origami Oracle Template.
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27 Tools

27-ToolsCoverI made a PDF with links to all my most favourite tools and blogs and cool things that I use regularly in my biz.


Download here.



Better Sales “In Person”

BetterSales Retail art sales can be daunting for the artist. I’ve compiled a small list of helpful hints that will make it much more comfortable to approach a potential customer and easier to nail the sale when you do.

Download here.


Revenue Streams

2013RevenueStreamsDownload 2 pages of possible revenue stream ideas to build health and sustainability to your art biz.
Download here.
Listen to the Revenue Streams Podcast:



20 Tips to Grow Your Contact List

20TipsContactListCover Download 20 tips to encourage you to grow your contact lists, make personal and intimate connections with people you meet and tactics to get them on your mailing list.
Download here.

The re:ACTion Lab

Reaction Lab ListIf this whet your appetite for more revenue streams – or you’re ready to move on to the next step and create a new collection to send to your audience – check out The re:ACTion Lab. We’ve collected our best courses and set them up in a flow so that you can create all 4 corner stones or your successful creative business.

Contacts and mailing list, Branding and Voice, Marketing Lab and revenue streams (RRR) – repeat and grow your audience and your impact.

Check it out – it’s all there for you to set up your creative biz – then give it wings.
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Reaction Lab Classes

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