Here there be colouring pages… to crayon or paint or fill with ink – whatever your heart desires.

Put them up around you where you will see them and be reminded of how important you are, how special your gifts are to the world, how we need what you do and we need to hear your unique voice speaking your truth for the benefit of everyone.

Go colour that shit.

We need you.

Be Brave. Stay Courageous. Share Your Art.

A Note or Two About the Images:

  • they’re really big (each is almost 2 mb) – I did that because I wanted you to get a nice crispy line image…

  • I wouldn’t bother clicking on the thumbnail because it’ll open up as a giant-sized file and fill up your entire screen – again, I wanted you to have a really good quality large file that you could do what you wanted with…

  • right-click to download or ‘save as’ – you can do that right on the thumbnail

  • if you want to paint on them, you can copy the line drawings onto watercolour paper – but it has to be a laser printer or a photocopier. Ink jet will just move and spread and bleed and be crappy if you try and paint on it

  • you could also trace them onto canvas using graphite transfer sheets – here’s a video on how to make your own graphite transfer sheets

I’d love to see what you do with the pages – please email me at with your finished pages if you’d like to share. I’ll post a page of them when I’ve gathered up enough.

Be Brave. Stay Courageous. Share Your Art.