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Granulation Medium

I test Granulation Medium to make even wash colours sediment. Maybe.

The Quin. Magenta did some granulating… I guess I’ll have to add no water at all to get the others to granulate.
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Lifting Preparation Medium

This medium is used to allow staining colours to be lifted from your paper easier.

This didn’t turn out at all the way I’d expected….

I wonder if maybe it would help on different watercolour papers, with different sizings…
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Permanent Masking Fluid

Permanent liquid wax mask resist for preserving painted areas in watercolour.

This stuff was pretty interesting and added a textural element as well. You get the most obvious results when you paint over the resist delicately and only once.

I definitely want to experiment more with this.

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Texture Medium for Watercolour

Texture for watercolour – woo!

This was pretty exciting for me – since I love texture so much…
The medium felt and worked like thin apple sauce… granule porridge. So the texture is pretty subtle – definitely not a molding paste for watercolour. But still… texture!

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