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This is vital for your progress and success as an artist. No one is going to do this for you… not in the way it really matters.

YOU, must LOVE what you create:

…your particular and identifiable style.
…your quirky nuances of application and execution.
…your sparks of creative genius AND your imperfections…


If you don’t… you will lose your way.

Everything’s Shiny & Better Than You

This isn’t true of course, but it’s often how we feel as we browse what other artists are creating.

Love your way and embrace the value and uniqueness of YOUR style.

EVERYONE thinks someone else is better, more talented, has a more unique style, more skilled… better, best… That artist that you admire, admires someone else, who admires someone else still… and so on, and so on.

LOVE YOUR WAY… or you will never uncover your unique artistic voice that will give you the definition that you need in the industry to differentiate from all the other artists that create in your medium/genre.

LOVE YOUR WAY… to give yourself the space and permission needed to develop your distinctly personal style. This will only happen over time, through trial and error.

LOVE YOUR WAY… because we need ALL the creative voices, in their most connected form.

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