Some people have great ideas.

Candy Thief
Jenn and Tony Bot / / CC BY-NC

So when you see them.
Steal them.

And use them for yourself.

My girl Sharlena Wood innocently posted an art archive of her work on Facebook over the weekend.

She spent HOURS gathering together pivotal and resonant works from her 15 (plus) year art career and assembled them into a postcard-able single image file.

I saw it and immediately peed my pants over what a great promo tool she had just made, stole it and now am posting it on my blog, like it was my idea.

Here’s what all the fuss is about – and yes, seriously – we’re trying to make a fuss.

(That’s marketing – make a goddamn fuss about your art already!)

Click on the image for a bigger look.


The gift and the curtain.

What’s happening here is that Sharlena has thrown back the curtain and invited us into her process. Sharlena curated this image, so you’re seeing all the personally impactful pieces that have informed her progress and art choices along the way.

We are privy to early works and process sketches and life drawings that may not be viewable anywhere else.

There is a vulnerability to sharing this archive image, a vulnerability that can create a very strong bond of trust and loyalty with her audience.

I had no idea Shar used to make comics/super hero anything, so I really felt that I’d been given access to privileged information.

What can you do with it?

Your archive image can be part of your artistic branding – especially if your archive evolves into a very identifiable style (like Sharlena has done).

  • share on social media
  • put it on Pinterest for sure!
  • post on your About/Bio page
  • use in your CV & Artist Statement
  • use as central image in a motivational post or downloadable ebook resource supporting creativity and moving through blocks and walls and changes in artistic direction
  • use the ebook as a sign-up incentive to your newsletter
  • create a promo postcard
  • send the postcard to your email list
  • change the image a bit by enlarging your most recent work and create postcards to have for shows and hand out like business cards while out living your life
  • turn it into a downloadable wallpaper (email list incentive)
  • print labels of the image to stick on snail mail packages or design the image as a return mailing label
  • print large and mount on foamboard as poster for branding “Welcome” image at shows and conventions.

Getting personal.

Like a wall of school photos, this kind of archive image invites a more intimate relationship with your audience. There is a very personal kind of connection offered in this image.

With this kind of image, we’re invited to celebrate in your growth.

How would you use an image like this to build your relationship to your audience and grow your exposure?

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Discussion (4) ¬

    This is A GREAT IDEA – simple, cheap and impactful as a promo tool.

    All it takes is some time and connection to the arc of your artistic growth, to create a powerful and PERSONAL promo tool to grow a loyal audience.

    Nice one Artist Sharlena Wood!

    Just popped over to your blog and read your post -wowie – lots of fantastic ideas and possibilities! Thanks Lezley for the inspired list of fabulous marketing ideas and Sharlena for putting together an eye-popping journey through your art. Yay!

    Lezley Davidson says:

    Thanks Frances!!

    I love that what I love doing is getting artists motivated and excited to share their gifts!

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