"The Money Tree" UK.

“The Money Tree” UK.

Put your prices on your website.

Have ‘buy now’ links clearly visible.

Don’t ask people to email you for prices.

They won’t.

Make it EASY.

It’s insulting to have to dig around a creators website to find out how I can give them money.

Investigate new ways to make it easy for the people to support you. Look for ways that vibe with your core and shiny source. Find ways that are coherent with your particular arena of art biz.

What’s available?

What’s out there that can help creators get paid?

  • Donate buttons feel shabby and desperate.
  • Kickstarter and Indiegogo are typically for larger singular projects (though you should ask for enough money to create a sustainable business model).
  • Selling your wares – great, but you don’t see a penny until something sells.

There’s no institutional method of patronage anymore. There’s no monetary investment in developing creative talent.

There are no Medici’s.

Patreon – the new Medici

imagesPatreon gives creators a way to get paid for what they’re already doing:

Making art stuffs and putting them out in the public sphere.

People can commit to supporting your progress as an artist in small ways – long term.

Patronage can be set up to pay out by the month or by the project (and Patrons can cap total expenditure per month).

  • Maybe it’s family and friends.
  • Maybe new or existing fans and strangers
  • Maybe some fans who aren’t in a position to buy a piece of work but love want you’re doing and want to be involved in some way.

Let them love you with money!
***A note about Milestone Goals***

You can set up Milestone goals – some artists will take the ads down if they hit a certain amount per month. Some artists agree to share more of their background story or reveal studio shots or post WIP if they hit a milestone.

A milestone for you as an artist may be $100/month means that you get to replenish art supplies easily. Yay. Fine.

REWARD your patrons for achieving that milestone FOR YOU.

Reward your Patrons with art & artist related things. Bring them into the creating process with you. Treat them like a valued member of your art team – not an ATM machine.

No one is offering Patronage to an artist to be retweeted or followed on Twitter. LAME.

Rewards for supporters

The idea here is that you keep making art and keep putting it out there and keep working on your biz and expanding your audience.

But also figure out how you can reward your supporters for supporting you with their dollars.

Maybe you have behind the scenes stuff just for Patreon supporters. Extras, doodles, videos, pictures.
If we’re paying – we should get some VIP. But do it so it works for you. Do it in a way that is fun, vibes with your shine and doesn’t create more stress or expenditure for your biz.

My Patronage

I like supporting creators, especially creators that mirror my own values.

Molly Lewis uses her ukelele to help me get back to awe about the world. I love her for that and I pay her for doing that.

I’ve been enjoying The Devil’s Panties for free for years. I was delighted to be able to pay by the month to help her continue making autobio comics.

I don’t currently support Erika Moen – but I might. Oh Joy Sex Toy is a delight and educational.

A note about starting small

I’ve read some “experts” who say that you shouldn’t open a Patronage account until you’ve got an audience to support you. I guess because it’s too embarrassing to publicly show that you only have 3 supporters and you’re making $4 a month.



Start where you are. Start with what you’ve got.

Stay true to YOU.

Create something worth being a part of and you’ll find your supporters.

Love you. Go shine.

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