meBigStare circleHi, I’m Lezley.

Today I want to talk to you about making it real, taking your dreams for your life, your images of what your life could be and what could you be doing here and then rooting that into life and actually making it manifest.

Life is about balance.

The universe aspires to be balanced in all things – as above, so below, as within, so without…

Those images that you have of your life actually come into balance only when they become rooted in the physical world and become real, become flesh… the word was made flesh.

That’s balance, that’s what’s intended to happen.

Timothy Lake Log Bridge

Timothy Lake Log Bridge

We need a bridge

Making dreams reality though is the hard part, right. I

t’s the everyday struggle, the physical word is slower, heavier vibration, things don’t happen in the speed of thought.

It is the day to day consistent attention put in the same direction to create an outcome, that is the hard part.

There is a bridge needed between the images that we have of what our life could be and then the day to day working on making those dreams a reality.

That tends to be the chasm where most creatives fall just because we often need help in getting grounded, we need help in getting focused and getting things broken down into granular pieces that can actually be worked with.

I mean what do you do with this grand dream that you’ve been secretly nurturing in your heart all of these years? – especially when your day to day life tends to not resemble that life at all?

How do you change it, step by step, just one piece at a time?

Actually having a system might help.

The Almanac

TheAlmanac I made this thing called The Almanac, which a lot of people really like.

I made it because I use it, I use it all the time, it helps keep me focused.

It’s a system for me being able to review my business, to see what’s working, to see what’s not working, checking all the numbers, see where am I at and make plans for next year.

Then I put them into place and follow them step by step until they become reality.

It’s a system that you might like, it might work for you, somewhere to start anyway, you can take a look.

I love systems.


I’m going to be talking about The Almanac much more on the website because we’re approaching the end of the year and the time of reflection.

It’s time to harvest.

Well, not quite, December is the time to harvest but I’m going to start talking now.

Take a look at The Almanac, see if it’s something for you.

Try any system really, try if you don’t have a system – put a system into place and just start working with it.

Not every system is perfect.

I mean they are completely nuanced to each individual.

A system needs to be fitting with your own likes and dislikes and personal quirks… but it’s better off to start with something and then change it, than have nothing at all.


Organization Links

Here are the links I promised you:


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