©Maria Stezhko

©Maria Stezhko

Today’s FF is Maria Stezhko or “CM Watercolors” which is her username on Instagram.

This is Maria’s user profile image on Instagram and it shows a couple of her “right” ideas and sense of image that goes into her social media marketing.

First, the image is of her work (of course) – but then it also includes the staging and “story-telling” that goes into most of the images she shares on social media.

A lot of us take a pic of a WIP or finished piece and then throw it up to the internet without thinking about the environment or story in any way.

Watch what Maria does.

Staging your images to tell a story


These are 2 of the most “staged” images I’ve found and they’re just beautiful.

Look at the work she’s put in to composing the scene and even stringing little fairy lights through…

They are both evocative of emotion and place and strongly align us with home and nurturing and nature and magic – all of which align with her artist brand… earth mother, magic mother…

Not every image Maria shares is so elaborately presented – but every image IS staged with at least a brush if not more “treasures” from the natural world.

Maria is ever reminding us of her art connection to nature, magic and mother earth.


IG & Storefront

Maria is another artist who uses only Instagram and a storefront as a business model.

She has a FB page and a Blog, but neither are as up to date as her Instagram feed.(P.S. that blog link goes to an article where she explains how she gets her soft edges…).

Maria links her Etsy shop from her IG profile page and it just reopened – today!

Closing down your shop while on holiday or to create new works or as a scarcity move to create hype around a new release of images or originals or merchandise is a great way to create a buzz and excitement.

We all want what we can’t have and if you’ve got a responsive audience, closing down for a few weeks to prepare for a launch is a great idea.

Pinterest Links

Maria is also using Pinterest.

Her “My Watercolors” board links her images from Etsy – NOT from IG or her blog. With a couple clicks anyone interested in her work on Pinterest will be taken to where they can give her money for her art.

That’s the way to link your work – always be linking to where people can buy the image. She has over 200 pins on that board pointing to her store. It’s another way to raise your search and discovery on your storefronts.

©Maria Stezhko

©Maria Stezhko

Maria has also illustrated children’s books – in a completely different style!

I’m really into Maria’s presentation and would definitely suggest any artist that resonates with her style and brand character should go and check her out in more depth and see if you can gain anymore valuable tips from her own business actions.

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