Mary DoodlesMary Doodles, aka Mary Gutfleisch of Epic Rap Battles fame, has become my latest stumble on love.

I know – everyone else found her years ago.

She’s been on YouTube since 2006 – where have I been?

Whatever. I’ve got her now.

Mary posts a new video every Monday and has a great selection of time-lapse beauties – my favourite are these two – the Stranger Things & the ink wolf.





The art challenges are inspired.

What an amazing way to get your audience involved in your presence and YOU involved in their lives AND everybody is working on improving their art!

Mary offers up art challenges, like “draw with your weak hand” and the “3 Marker Challenge”.

Nothing primes the creativity pump like restrictions!

Mary has a store on her site where she sells originals and she’s got a Red Bubble site where you can pick up prints of some of her illustrations.

Anyways – check her out and don’t be surprised if I’m inspired by some of her YouTube shenanigans to try a bit of that over here.

Now get creating!

"Live creative."
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