This piece of tape sticker art is on a lamp post in Toronto. ©Max Zorn

This piece of tape sticker art is on a lamp post in Toronto.
©Max Zorn

I thought tape art was pretty cool when I first stumbled upon Max Zorn while surfing art on the interwebz…

…but I had no idea HOW cool Max and his tape art really was until I finally checked into his website this morning.


Okay, so get this… Max Zorn makes art from TAPE. Regular old, brown, translucent masking tape.

Cardboard Box 002 - Pure Lard
Max makes me into art. _chrisUK / / CC BY-NC-ND

He cuts and layers and uses a clear plexiglass to build up his values and shapes to create these beautiful portraits.

©Max Zorn

©Max Zorn

©Max Zorn

©Max Zorn

©Max Zorn

©Max Zorn

He’s got a couple “making of the tape art” videos on his website:



That flipped my lid and gave me little excited butterfly hearts in my chest.

But then…


Stick Together Street Art

I love street art. I love GOOD street art.

Not tags and some douchebag’s street name (unless it’s really well done).

Max’s Stick Together street art project is amazing pants.

He makes ORIGINAL tape art stickers that he sends out into the world and the people put them on lamps and lights in the street.


Stick Together Gallery

Stick Together by ©Max Zorn

Stick Together by ©Max Zorn

This is a map showing where Max’s Stick Together art has gone up in the world:

©Max Zorn

©Max Zorn

This whole thing made me happy.
Happy in the way that RadioLab and Ted Talks makes me happy:

Human beings being creative and working together
to spread beauty and connection.

That’s ART.

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    Today's Feature Friday artist makes art out of tape.

    Brown packing tape. Imagine.

    (You don't have to imagine – you can go and look right now.)

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