Merry Christmas 2009

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    Brudda says:

    But where is the Ty-man?!?!?!?!?!?

    Brudda says:

    I miss him like crazy…

    Lezley says:

    Ty was having a nap…

    Simmer Kimmer says:

    Sure….forget the child that slaves me daily and doesn’t stop from 8am till 9pm and is the reason I’m grey DUDE…….

    Lezley says:

    He was napping. NAPPING.

    bArt says:

    I think Uncle Brian gave me his hairy shoulders for Xmas. I remember seeing him with his shirt off one time and thinking he was a wolf man. After witnessing it, I was so glad that I wasn’t that hairy.

    But, look at me now, dirty 30 and life is full of irony…Yep almost connecting to my neck hair on the one side…. I like to pretend its flames engulfing my iron clad intent…. The gift that keeps on giving all year long and even past death! *WOW*, Thanks Uncle Brian….

    I guess….

    Geezus – don’t I know it. Every single thing that I ever thought was gross on my mom – I now rock proudly in the sting of judgement.
    The universe is universally wise. And funny. Also ironic.

    don’t forget confusing as all hell

    Yes… also confusing. That just adds to the ‘spice’ of it all – don’t you think?

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