8240807460_a8266d3a4eI’ve finally gotten over my resistance, finished up my review and made plans for 2014.


As long as I’ve been working this system, I’ve yet to be surprised by my focus words.

They often give me context and clarity, but rarely are they a surprise.

This year was no different as I sheepishly accepted Onomatopoeia, Live and Awareness onto my 2014 plate.

Of course.

1. Onomatopoeia

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 11.38.13 AM
This made me laugh… because it’s just so illustrative.


Create a buzz, make a splash, roar, sizzle, spark…

The nature of the word and the word are one.

This year let out the sizzle and the pop.

Show your fizz.

2. Live

I didn’t think about this until it popped up, but now that it’s here, I wonder how I missed it.

Live events. Duh.

In person and live events are invaluable as an “experience” level for your audience.

Your personality is the one thing that can NEVER be duplicated by a competitor, so is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Let yourself out to be you for your audience. It’s what they came for.

My personality is singular in this particular industry.

My passion for the art world and for the success of my clients is pretty obvious. I’m pretty hilarious sometimes and love to go for the joke… and I’m comfortable speaking in public and being filmed… so this is all pretty good, exciting stuff for me.

(Sorry if this sounds all braggy – but it’s important to own your gifts so that you can use them to benefit and not hide them behind a bush.)

This “LIVE” part is the big resistance that was popping up for me.

Resistance always means that thing is next in your life, like it or not.

It’s easy to stay hidden and small.

It’s scary to go public and be seen. Be noticed.

We open ourselves to judgement and ridicule. We are deemed worthy or not based on unknowable quality factors.

3748515952_00baac3f7a_oFailing in public is much more humiliating than it is if no one knows or cares about what we’re doing.

As soon as we’re “known”, then comes performance expectations and the added stress of wanting to be “good enough” and not disappoint anyone.


No wonder I was resistant. F*cking nightmare.

In Real Life is King

the_young_king_and_his_bride_by_katez_chan-d31saz3Live is King and the rewards far outweigh the possibility of humiliating failures.

PLUS, I like to think that all fails can be minimized by proper preparation and there’s no point in stressing over crap that’s out of your control.

(Yes, this IS what I’m repeating to myself now that I’ve decided to do a bunch of live stuff this year. Stop trying to harsh my calm.):P

The connections we make in real life are more instant and much stronger than similar connections online. I’m not saying that we can’t make strong connections online, we totally can. They just take longer. Much longer.

We could meet and decide to work together within 5 minutes of first contact.

That same result could take a year of casual contact online.

Come participate in the humiliation.

If you’d like to join me and others in experiments IRL and live on “teh interwebz”, get a Google+ account and get added to the Hangout & Paint LIVE group.

We’ll send you an invite when we’re ready to go LIVE. (Or email me because I’m not sure if you can add yourself to the group or whether I need to do it manually.) See you there!

3. Awareness

I’m getting a strong “practice what you preach” vibe to my focus this year.

I’m always reminding artists to talk about their art and art biz everywhere, with everyone.images

Not being a douche or anything, but when relevant tell people you have an art biz and hand them a business card. It’s a great way to spread the word about your art and biz.

I know this, but I rarely do it in my business. It’s something that I’ve fallen down on and it’s stupid. My connections in real life end up becoming my most loyal and committed clients.

I’ve been leaving money on the table by not being more pro-active at sharing my biz with people that I meet every day.


5242350317_76e808c8c3_zI’ve felt in the past like there is a particular number of articles that “should” be published on my site each week or month. I’ve felt stressed out and harried trying to fulfill this “quota” and the quality of information hasn’t always been exactly where I’d want it to be.

In respect to mindfulness, I will post when I have valuable information to share, because I want to help you on your art biz journey, not because I feel forced to keep up to some arbitrary quota.

And those are my biz focus words this year. Thanks so much to everyone who’s purchased a 2014 Art Biz Almanac – I’m overwhelmed at how many of you have bought it. I hope it helps you as much as it has me in actually getting stuff done and building a successful business!

If you’re interested, you can still get the Art Biz Almanac on sale until January 31.

Take good care,


Hey, all you buyers of the Almanac? Let me know how it’s going would yah? Thanks!

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