I received a surprise gift in the post this Christmas Eve.

Laura Mappin sent me a fuzzy red vagina.

My Christmas Vagina.

My Christmas Vagina.

I couldn’t NOT post it.

How many times do you get a vagina in the mail?

Probably never. Maybe only once. This is my vagina time.

Vagina Artisan

Laura is a vagina artisan. There is a lot going on with this crocheted beauty… folds and little nubs…

Here, a vagina gallery:

(This is probably going to be my new most hit page from people looking for pron on the interwebz.)

Our Taboo Museum

So… how do you feel about this post so far? You a little uncomfortable? Barked out a few awkward laffs to cover your embarrassment?

This is what Laura’s doing at Our Taboo Museum >> confronting the uncomfortable topics, bringing light to the buried discussions. Making the awkward conversations approachable, fun… bringing laughter and honesty into the dark places.

How pretty does it have to be before we talk about it?

F*ck doily, anyone?

Fuck Doily.

Fuck Doily.

F*ck yeah. I love this doily. I have this mug too.

You can find Our Taboo Museum on Facebook.

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