In_The_Barley_HarvestIt’s harvest time.
Even creative entrepreneurs need to check their business numbers and make sure they’re solvent.

Today’s podcast I pull back the results of my 2015 Harvest and share my major take aways and “learnings” from the Numbers.

Some of it was a surprise. Some of it shouldn’t’ve been a surprise, but it was anyway.


Major Take-Aways:


  • A lot of unsubscribes feels bad – but it has gold in the middle.
  • Give people only what they’re interested in.
  • Even the last week counts in sales.
  • Social media has big surprises.
  • Trying something new in 2016
  • All the work and insight means shit all if you never look at it again or do anything about it.


More Harvest

Listen to the podcast for the full details and check out other Harvests here: 2013, 2014.
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