This year I sent out Christmas cards to anyone on my list that had given me their address.

I wanted this to be special, so I came up with the bright idea that every one of them would be hand-painted. The line and tone drawing was laser-printed onto the cards and then painted with watercolour.

Oh… how special.

What a F*cking Nightmare

Seriously. Eff you, special.

3 FULL DAYS of painting later and I was finally done.

But TOTALLY UNSATISFIED with the results of my efforts.

Christmas Card FAIL

Christmas Card FAIL

I could have spent 3 days on ONE design that I then printed on EVERY card.

I would’ve been WAY more satisfied with the results and the card-getters would have received a MUCH nicer piece of finished art, albeit a reproduction.

THAT’S what I’m doing next year.

(I’m sure this kind of angst is restricted to artists….
“Oh NOES – I sent out a card, but it’s not my BEST work… *tremble*.)


What IS important is being conscience of how you spend your time and if the effort you’re putting into it is giving you the returns you’re looking for.

If so, hooray!

If not, take a look at how you can revamp the process so that you’re getting more out of your efforts. Reproductions are a perfect example of that process at work.


New Year's day in my robe - no makeup. My apologies. :P

New Year’s day in my robe – no makeup. My apologies. 😛 (don’t I look a little stunned? hahaha!!)

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