NathanDrawsDailyLogo2-230x180Nathan Seabolt sent in his request to be the Feature Friday artist back in January!


But seriously, I have a long list of artist’s waiting to be posted and sometimes I go with a totally different set because it fits whatever topic I’m concentrating on for the site that month.

This month, it’s comics and art fairs and conventions – so Nathan fits right in.

Nathan writes: “I’m a freelance Illustrator, born in North Carolina but now living in Sydney, Australia. I have an overwhelming fondness for monsters, cartooning and humour.”

Mini Gallery

You can find Nathan Seabolt around the interwebz:

Nathan’s filmed his sketchbook, which I thought was an interesting and kind of intimate promotional idea.

Everyone likes to look at an artist’s sketchbook and these oatmeal sketches are some of Nathan’s nicest work – so I was happy to see more than just what’s posted on the internet. Take a look.

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