Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

This doesn’t work in any situation, for any reason. Ever.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone:

  • Certainly not Bob Ross who you watch religiously every Sunday morning, or any other art professional who’s making their living from their art.
  • Not your sister-in-law who’s a trained graphic designer with an honours degree from OCAD and 7 years as a junior designer at TAXI.
  • And definitely not your neighbour, who’s been taking art classes every week for the past 40 years and has won the Juror’s Choice award at the TOAE. Twice.


There’s nothing wrong with finding inspiration in someone else’s work or technique or results. It’s fertile soil that motivates you to try for yourself what you’ve seen another accomplish. All creative works are built, informed and expanded by what came before them. This is good and fulfilling and growth.

Beware when your admiration turns to inner judgment and doubt. When you hear the inner critic mutter about how you’ll never be as good or never do that or that you suck or shouldn’t bother or that your stuff is crap… beware when you judge your own work based on standards that another artist has developed over years of trial and error.


Stop comparing yourself to others because you give your inner critic permission to be a judgey asshole.


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