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    Lezley says:


    Stephanie says:

    Weren’t we talking about this not long ago? It was supposed to be a Winsor & Newton product line, but I guess the rumours and speculation can’t be 100% correct.

    When will the other colours come in?

    OMG that’s TRUE!!!
    “Asian nipple colour…” etc. I’m particularly interested in picking up a can of Caucasian asshole.

    Stephanie says:

    I seem to encounter enough Assholes (Caucasian or otherwise) on a regular basis, I don’t need to buy more of it in a can.

    I wonder though, what form of work an artist would be in where they need 3/4 of a pound of Pussy Pink colour — and they need it in aerosol form.

    I’m envisioning some sort of new genre, Grafitto Erotica…

    The can offers nothing but caucasian asshole COLOUR goodness… nothing else.
    I think a lot of places can be jollied up with a little Grafitto Erotica featuring the colour stylings of a 3/4 pound can of PUSSY PINK.

    Victoria on her laptop says:

    They know their market.

    Tyrone says:

    Looks like a nice colour …

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