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Well, I guess I’m not nice, or polite or… whatever.

But, we already knew that – so business as usual here at The Artist as Entrepreneur!


I’ve been noticing money patterns with my customers that make creating a successful art business even more difficult. Most wish that they didn’t have to bother with the money at all, and just want escape and create in the studio all day.

Dreamers. 😀

Many find the money part of the biz a huge stress and distraction. I have a customer who continually refers to money as “the root of all evil” (yes… you do *wink*).

Most just resent the hell out of it. Period.

Thoughts Walk

Our thoughts and beliefs about money and wealth directly effect our relationship to it.

Limiting beliefs impact our ability to create flow and abundance. What we think and believe about money and our relationship to money will impact how we see the world – even affecting our ability to see and act on opportunities.

“Money is the root of all evil.”

Good luck creating more of that for yourself.

Good luck devoting time and energy and planning strategies to create more abundance for yourself when your base beliefs are that you are creating evil.

Most of us don’t go that far with our dysfunctional money relationships, but we’ve all got some issues that hamper our ability to create abundance.

“It’s not about the money.”

Yes it is.

After you’ve created (which absolutely ISN’T) about the money… then it IS about the money.

This is your ART BIZ.

Can you eat paint?

Does good feeling and a sense of accomplishment pay your mortgage?

Will your artistic breakthrough pay for replacing the brakes on your car?

Are you high on your turps? OF COURSE IT’S ABOUT THE MONEY.


Own your expertise.

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Everyone has hang-ups and blocks around money and abundance.

Stuff we pick up in childhood from our home life and culture. None of these ideas are real or true though, they’re just different beliefs around a concept.

Creatives seem to have the worst time getting to “okay” about equating their art with money.

“Art” takes on this sense of preciousness that becomes sullied when equated with money.

Or conversely, we don’t fully own the value of what we create and feel uncomfortable about asking for money in exchange for our art.

You have worked for years on your craft.

You have struggled and stretched and worked hard to develop yourself and your art.

You are an expert.

A plumber expects to be paid for her efforts. She is specially trained and deserves to be rewarded for her expertise.

So do Artists.

There is only energy.

Einstein proved that energy is equivalent to matter. The only difference is the transforming agent.

Money is just energy. Your art is just energy.

The only difference is how your perspective transforms them into separate and unequal material things.


If it helps, just think of an art sale as an exchange of energy… or an art trade.

You’re trading your beautiful expertise for many small identical pieces of printed art. (haha – but still, powerfully helpful and true).

At it’s foundation, that’s all any business really transaction is >> an exchange of energy. We’re the ones that assign value judgements about worth.

And those, can be changed.


This post turned out enormous, so next week I’m going to post the second half “Talk Nice to Your Money”.

That post has a bunch of helpful tools to get your head in tune with the money energy and create more money and abundance in 2013.

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