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    Stephanie says:

    It’s an itch market, like you get your audience itching to buy your stuff!
    Seriously though the one that blew me away was “Walla”. As in “do this and walla it’s done!” It took me a few moments then I thought OMG you mean “Voilla”…
    English… Ur doin it rong.

    Paul Quinn says:

    How about when people hyphenate words when they pronouce them, like : “ve-hicle” or “gui-tar”
    Hulk just wants to SMASH them!

    SteampunkSeamstress says:

    Crivens, you have no idea how happy it makes me that someone agrees! I’m a Fisheries and Wildlife major and all my professors pronounce it “n-itch”. I cringe every time! It’s niche, gorramit!

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