Understanding your brand is all about knowing yourself.

Embracing your gifts and quirks and letting your true authentic message and voice out into the world – that’s true branding.

Connecting your brand to your audience however, is all about them.

The sweet spot is between u and i.

Your reasons for creating may inform your brand – but it won’t necessarily help you sell your work.

To get better at the selling part, we need to figure out how what we do effects/connects to others.

It’s always about them anyway.

We need to figure out what it is that we do that satisfies them.

Most people buy art because it makes them feel something.

There’s always a payback – and people buy art because it’s fulfilling something within them.

Now you’ve got to figure out what that satisfaction is.

That’s the hard part.

(And I know I’m not really helping… but there’s so many possibilities – I couldn’t possibly know what’s right for your brand and audience without a questionnaire and good ol’ fashioned chat.)

Knowing how your brand satisfies your audience gives you the gift of insight to be able to write about it and sell it.

And talk about it and sell it.8047651668_58e825a300_z

What better skill to have as an artist (or anyone in sales), than understanding the motivations of your buyers?
(And this isn’t carved in stone – there will always be buyers who never fit into any audience parameters that we understand.

Oh humanity – you wily fox.)

Knowing why your audience buys helps you choose events and develop promotions that will actually attract more of your potential buyers.

Knowledge is power.

Knowing yourself is power squared and makes everything about your art biz that much easier.

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