FireworksI might be most excited about this part of the website overhaul.

I’ve always wanted to have a place to talk about Soul and God and religion and philosophy and belief and not have to connect it to anything else – just muse and wonder over it…

Talk publicly about all the things I speak privately with my closest friends…

THIS is the most interesting topic to me.

What do you believe? Tell me

I’m fascinated by what people think and believe and how they think the world works and how, what, why they worship what they do.

In a bunch of places the Qur’an says basically that all Gods are one God and we’re all one creation and all the prophets that have come before have wisdome and value: Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna… etc.

This was pretty great! I was so stoked when I first learned that Mohammed says that – it’s pretty much my take on the whole relgion thing:

We’re all talking about the same thing, just calling it different names.


But then the Qur’an goes on to say a bunch of crap – like Mohammed is the last prophet and his word is the final say and other kinds of shit.


Just end the conversation and keep the power, that’s why

I’m always skeptical of that move. It’s like trying to get the last word in in an argument… or hanging up the phone because we don’t want to hear anymore.

“La la la la – I can’t hear yoooooouuuuu…”


Like the Judaeo-Christian bible saying there’s no more miracles.

“Sorry people, that’s over. No more miracles for you…”

Awwww… and we’re all like, “Sucks to be us…” and kick dirt with heads hanging.



Official Ordained me with my minister cardOkay – guess what?

I’m a prophet (and you’re a prophet) and I say miracles are BACK ON.

Yep – it was all a big cover up – go ahead and miracle-it-up.

There are only two rules:

1. There is only love.
2. There is only inclusion.

…well three really:

3. Don’t be a dick.

Which is kind of rolled into the first 2 – but is important enough to have it’s own rule.


Tell me what you believe. (Look – comments enabled)

I really, really want to know…
just don’t be a dick about it.

"Soul First" in your InBox


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    Lezley says:

    Yay! Comments about belief. This can’t possibly go wrong.

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