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Fail Quickly. Fail Often. Just make a big god awful mess and get it over with. Go ahead and ruin 3 sheets of paper in a row with horrible slicks of mud and back wash that make cat sick look gallery worthy. Waste a half tube of yellow ochre making baby shit brown in an […]

There is a romantic notion perpetuated by operas like “La Boheme” that artists must be poor. People who believe that the “true” artist is a “starving” artist think that this lifestyle keeps them “in touch” with creativity.

There are a lot of beliefs around art and artists that can hinder our ability to succeed and grow in our business. These are the worst.

Bert Kaufmann / Foter / CC BY Here are the top 12 artist’s myths that can get you hung up and stuck. I go through them one at a time and give you definite steps to break through the myths and get to building your sustainable and successful art biz. After the Artist Myths: After […]

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