Pebeo Prisme Fantasy

Pebeo Prisme Fantasy

Woohoo! My video was finally released from copyright purgatory and I can now share with you and do this giveaway – yay!!

This stuff was super fun – BUT. Make sure you’re on a flat surface because the mild tilt on my drafting table was enough for the Prisme paint to slowly move and stick and be a little weird.

Other than that – this was a super fun “colouring” project – with fumes. Be careful of the fumes!

So – if you want the Pebeo Prisme Fantasy and Moon gear – please head to YouTube and like the video, subscribe to my channel and leave a comment. I’ll choose a random winner and post it here in a few weeks… (or as long as it takes to get a goodish amount of comments – 3 doesn’t seem like enough. lol!)

Thanks for watching and stay tuned – I have a lot more give aways coming down the pipe.



Hey Guys – Connie Krueger won the Pebeo Giveaway!
Thanks for participating and stay tuned for the next giveaway that’s coming up soon!



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