Quill Pen

I started to record testing out pen & ink and brush on different supports – but I stopped because it was probably super boring and it ended up taking me like 3 hours and 2 movies to finish them.

But it was super fun and I really started to get the hang of ‘stroking’ the tool, and ‘placing’ the shapes instead of drawing with the brush.

It kinda felt like it was an extension of this exercise.

I’d like to do something with this kind of technique – I’m just not sure what yet.

***edit: Playing with organic shapes is what I did with it. ***


The Samples

Really, each one of these supports is totally suitable for pen & ink and brush – choose based on what effect you like the best.

The brush is along the top, crowquill pen and holder along the bottom.
From left to right:


Pen & Ink Test Gallery:



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Discussion ¬

    I demoed a bunch of different inks and supports using a brush and crow quill.

    I stopped the recording really early because it was taking way too long – but you can check out the samples posted on the website.

    (the "organic forms" link in this article will publish next monday – so it's not viable yet).


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