MatrixI want to talk today about a matrix concept of residual self image and alignment and coherence.

Now, your self image is… & I don’t mean body image, okay?

I mean self image, like “how do you see yourself?”

“What’s the image of you that you carry around with you in your head” and does the actual you in the mirror match up to that?

See, I don’t want to talk about body image because it’s not about weight or over-weight or fitness or anything like that.

It’s about the choices that we make to align our inner conceptions of self with the outer appearance that goes out into the world.

I’m just wondering, how closely is yours aligned to the image that you have of yourself in your head?


Most of the time I look like a hobo.

Pretty much.

Pretty much.

Right now, Keith has given me a shirt from his work.

He’s an auto wrecker, so right away I’m looking pretty fly.
I’ve got some track pants on that have holes in them.

I’m not saying that I’m not encouraging everyone to hang out and be comfortable and relaxed and whatever, but I don’t spend any time at all thinking about my appearance generally.

I don’t think that it’s in my best interest ignore my appearance.

The identity I have of my own self inside, does not match up with how I look in the world.

There are some parts that do, like purple hair. Dark purple hair.

I have purple hair just because it’s … Just because why?

I love purple hair.

I chose to do that. I acted upon that.

There is power released and available when we’re aligned; there’s power and movement and magic happening when we align inner and outer images into a more powerful whole.

I’ve been talking about those 2 parts being in balance; the as above, so below; as within, so without.

I’m starting to look at my life and paying attention to when things aren’t in balance and when there isn’t alignment or coherence about something in my life.

Residual self image is definitely one of those things out of phase.

Now granted, I’m super ass fat, so that’s not really in my self image, but it’s not even really about that along.

I don’t dress in a way that I feel comfortable with.

I don’t take the time to buy accessories or jewelry or things that I like, that I enjoy looking at on other people, that I admire others for wearing and putting together so well.

I think it’s something that I’d like to spend more time looking at and being conscious of; in order to bring a larger coherence into my life.

“Imagine” is our first creative tool

The idea of imaging, actually the actual meaning of imaging has at it’s core and it’s root etymology, is creating.

Image: to create or to make.

The very first tool of creation actually begins in the mind.

Fantasy and imagining and imaging ourselves and our lives is actually a tool for creation.

I feel like I keep saying the same things over and over again, but I can’t get away from the fact that I’m going to keep saying these things over and over again until we get it. Until I get it.

The joyful, energetic images that we hold in our head of our lives and of ourselves are the blueprint.

They are the map to what we are here to create in this life. We just have to follow along. We just have to do the work. We just have to act.

Look at all the beautiful, resonate art that I admire and collect... but never buy for myself... the outer self can be adorned symbolically with the jewels that are sourced within.

Look at all the beautiful, resonate art that I admire and collect… but never buy for myself…
That’s sad.

How aligned are you in your self image to what you imagine yourself to be?

How difficult would it be for you to start acting towards getting those in alignment?

Please understand that this is not a superficial, shallow, you don’t look nice or you’re fat or you’re ugly, kind of a scenario, okay?

This is an alignment of higher self with external self, so that the image that you have of your best self is the one that you’re actually putting forward into the world.

For myself, I know a lot of this has to do with money and effort.

The money? All right, I don’t have to spend a lot of money. I’m a big Value Village fan.

I’m a secondhand clothes girl, but I could spend some more time with it. I could pay more attention to it because I admire how others look.

I admire the time and the effort that they take to put themselves together so that they look really nice going out into the world.

That’s a benefit for all of us.

That’s like making yourself into a piece of art.

It has nothing to do with body image.

It has nothing to do with size or physical beauty or anything.

It’s a care. It’s a self care.

It’s self-care.

It’s an aspect of self care and it’s a resonance that you think that the image that you have of yourself is worth the time and the effort to make it into a reality.

What do you guys think about that?

How close is your residual self image with what actually goes out into the world?

I have a lot of work to do on mine, I got to be honest.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about and wanted to share. What do think? Let me know. I’m always curious about what you guys think. All right, thanks for listening. I’ll talk to you soon.

***edit ::I recorded this in November of 2014. January 2015, I hired a personal trainer because my realized that my health and my body are valuable and worth the money and help to take care of.***

I’ll keep you updated.

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