rp_mailchimp-day-one-1-default-lightbox.jpgI made a thing.

I made a class thing to help you set up your email list with MailChimp easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy.

33 Days of Mailchimp is a class to show you step by step, all the everything that you’d ever want to know about

  • subscriber lists
  • opt-in forms
  • interest groups
  • auto responders
  • click reports
  • segregating your list
  • email templates… and, well.. a LOT of stuff.


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Watch this first

Mailchimp has changed their user interface since I filmed the original videos – SO, I recorded a Google Hangout video I made for the members of The re:ACTion Lab to go over the basics AND show you the changes to the Mailchimp interface since the videos were created.



Day 1


Click image to open the video player in a light box.
[Right-click download button – choose “save link as” to download video]


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