Now out in Kingston, getting her acrylic groove on with Tri Art, Sharlena Wood is one of my favourite artists.

A mixed media master, she creates beautiful dry media works on acrylic grounds.
A creative entrepreneur, Sharlena has created Shared Palette; interactive creative entertainment for parties and events, where guests participate in creating a gorgeous work of art together.

This chick rocks it the fuck out.
Fuck yeah!

©Sharlena Wood, Jack Rabbit

©Sharlena Wood, Wise Ears Owl

©Sharlena Wood, Balsas Screech Owl

©Sharlena Wood, Snapping Turtle

©Sharlena Wood

© Sharlena Wood, Snail-Eating-Snake

©Sharlena Wood, Chameleon

©Sharlena Wood, Northern Spotted Owl

©Sharlena Wood, Phoenix

Awesome, right?

Shar & Shared Palette have just booked with Karen G Events to celebrate Harbinger Communications launch their new Toronto digs, right in the heart of TIFF!

I love the opportunities that women are creating together these days!

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