Jason O'Brien  Kwame DelfishTwo artist friends of mine have put together a killer concept and promotion for artists wanting to create an elite brand for their art business.

Taking advantage of the generosity of friends and the scarcity of VIP, Jason O’Brien & Kwame Delfish presented an invite only private residence showing of their work in situ.
Then they filmed the work with high production values to use as a killer promo of their work:

Element Design Built – Project Valley Drive from Birdhousemedia.ca on Vimeo.

The strength of the promo is that’s it’s right there in your face, undeniable:

Look at this gorgeous art hanging in this beautiful modern home – wow, what a lifestyle. Wow, I want that.

Desire ignited.
Mission accomplished.

Who’s got a million dollar home they’d like to rent out for an evening?

Be with your peeps

Hippie Sing Along
Duncan Rawlinson / Foter.com / CC BY-NC

You don’t have to go for the high-end, elite market – consider making a video of your artwork in situ (in an environment) for whatever niche you serve – comic nerds, sci-fi geeks, horror freaks, hippie sing alongs, the jewellery obsessed, the cutesy, the quaint, the pervy or sex-positive.

Whatever your niche is – the use of music and video of your work, in placement is hugely helpful in getting your potential buyers to feel & connect to your artwork, and see your work in their spaces.

Sales are more likely to happen when buyers can envision your artwork in their life. Help them see it. Better yet, help them feel it too.


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More prestige:

On a totally unrelated surf around the internet, I found another artist friend involved in the same kind of art show in a multi-million dollar show home.

Check it out – it’s a brilliant way to position your artwork as a high-end, elite, luxury item.

Anna Razumovskaya & The Art House Teaming up with a 2.5 Million Dollar Show Home.

Anna Razumovskaya & The Art House Teaming up with a 2.5 Million Dollar Show Home.

If this is your art business vision – start networking with realtors and interior designers!

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Discussion (4) ¬

    Promo brainstorming is the theme for May.

    Here's an idea for using video to create a valuable promo piece that connects the audience to your art work.

    This can be used for all different types of branding – I've shown more high-end, luxury examples – but it can be accomplished by all different art business styles.

    Naimasay Racine says:

    Thank you for sharing this, awesome video.

    You’re welcome – Jason and Kwame did a great job on it.

    Maureen says:

    I can imagine it is necessary to patch holes in the walls and repaint but otherwise its a great idea

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