or Snail Mail Really REALLY Works

About 8 months ago, I signed up for Batchbook CRM service.
(CRM, in case you’re wondering, is “Customer Relationship Management”)

Batchbook is a great service. Very robust and ballsy, lots of functionality and search-ability and tasks and to do’s and contact history and deals and projects and integration with Mailchimp… and it’s totally not suitable for my business model.

If you’re a sales person and the majority of your business is networking and making connections and building contacts and prospects and working deals… THIS, is your kind of system.
Me… not so much. It’s just too much stuff. I can handle all info & correspondence with my clients in Evernote and my Mac mail system. Everyone gets a folder – it’s on my desktop & my phone.
No muss, no fuss.

No monthly charges on my Visa.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

“A while”.

A while meaning like, every month for the last 6 months that I’ve been paying for a service that I don’t ever use. #fail

So, I decided I was going to cancel.
Literally decided ‘this is it, I’m going to cancel. tonight. when I get home. done. sweet. yessss. I rock.’
So I get home…
and this is waiting in the mail.



Now I can’t quit.

They sent me candy and called me a Champion.
I’m an asshole if I quit now.

F U C K.

And so I didn’t quit… and up until writing this – I still haven’t quit.

Let’s see how long candy and guilt keep me paying a monthly subscription for a product that I never use.

Nice one Batchbook. That’s some good customer service marketing.


The next day, Leon’s sent me this:

I bought a box spring and a frame from Mishel. A cheapity cheap frame and a box spring that I got for half price ‘cuz it was discontinued.

It certainly wasn’t a big sale.

I don’t know… maybe she liked my joke about it being “time for a big girl bed”…

But guess who’s going to get my business when I’m ready to buy the 50” led screen that I’ve been thinking about for 8 months?

Certainly not The Brick. Who have never sent me a thank you card, handwritten, in the mail. In an envelope. Not a bill. Thank you very much.

Not that I’ve ever shopped at The Brick – but now for sure I won’t… because Leon’s sent me a card.

Handwritten. In the mail. Not a bill.

It was nice.

Snail mail ‘thank you’s’ build loyalty.
When given with the heart felt intention to brighten someone’s mailbox with a little something ‘not a bill’ nice –-
Snail mail kicks ass in a way the internet alone will never do.

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