QueensLogo_colourWhen I was 20 I had a bit of a life crisis. I was at Queen’s University in Kingston studying with the plan to become a lawyer.

…but I couldn’t answer the question “why?” with anything even remotely satisfying.

“Why do you want to be a lawyer?”

Because the lifestyle is attractive? They make lots of money…

“Why do you want to make lots of money?”

I don’t know… I guess to buy a nice house and car…

“Why do you want to buy a nice house and car?”

…I don’t know… because I’m supposed to?

“Why are you supposed to?”

…because that’s what success is…

“Why do you think that’s what success is?”

I guess because that’s what my parents thought was successful.

“What do you think is success?”

…I don’t have any idea…

“Well make it a priority to find out for yourself – you’ll be living someone else’s life if you don’t.”

And then my whole life changed.

What matters

Now I choose to learn and know myself – we are deeply mysterious creatures that are often a puzzle to ourselves.

I look for ways to untangle the puzzle and get in touch with my truth.