Today I paint a sacred pine tree that lights up the whole world.

These stories are on repeat – there are major shared elements. I think Joseph Campbell said there are only 3 stories in the world – it’s just the details that change.

So today we have a bit of a chat about art and an idea about different types of arting styles by Malcolm Gladwell. I like him.

I talk about schadenfraude, Chris Farley, first followers, dead people and stepping up to help and the people I want to have in my life. It’s a full plate.

I’ve been MIA working on a bunch of new stuff – Tarot Night, Speaking Gigs on Creative Biz, Promoting Your Art with Influencers and opening my biz to include agenting services for artists.

SFS #2 Image & Identity and the conflict between image and truth.

This was a big deal for me. Big for my career. Big for business.

Big for being seen.

Yay for success and being seen and accepting yourself for who you are instead of waiting to be thin or pretty!

I have image and body issues and I’ve been struggling with ideas and beliefs around appearances and because of that have shied away from showing myself in my business, on my website or on YouTube.

This vlog is one of the small steps I’m taking to be seen.

To be seen in my life and work and be seen and speak about what is important to me in my life.

3 years ago I decided I wasn’t going to pursue my own personal art as part of my business model. It didn’t take. I’ve been told I do too many things. I agree. I agree if my goal is to do one thing and grow that one thing as quickly as possible to be as big as possible. That’s the standard business goal… it just doesn’t fit with my definition of a successful life.

Internet trolls suck. I get a little rage-y and vent my feels.